Feature request: copy pages from one file to another

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Feature request: copy pages from one file to another

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This is something I do on a regular basis: copy pages from one document to another. But PhotoLine makes this extraordinarily difficult, because it is simply not possible.

The only workarounds are:
a) use the save & load pages option (which I never use: too much hassle!)
b) copy all content, switch to the other document, create a new page, paste the content.

This is slow, slow, slow, and cumbersome. And is the source for unintended errors as well.

Secondly, it is not possible to select a range of pages in the Pages list panel: only a single page at a time.

It would be awesome and save a LOT of time and frustration if we could just select one or multiple pages (like layers), right-mouse click to copy, switch to another PhotoLine document, and paste the pages in that document.

That would also save time when duplicating pages in the same document as well: select the pages you want to copy, then right-mouse click a page in the page list where these should be inserted. Much more usable than the current page copy function and dialog.

Or even better: drag-select pages/ctrl click page to create a range, then press ALT and drag the pages to create duplicates.
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