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Lasso from Curves and Lines

Post by photoken »

When drawing a Lasso from Curves and Lines, if I don't click on the first point to close the Lasso, I am left with the following indication, which looks incomplete:
lasso curves.png
Since the Mask is automatically drawn from the last point to the first point, shouldn't the marquee indication also show that?

In other words, shouldn't this tool use the equivalent of the "Close Path" option of the vector drawing tool?
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Yes, I think it can be eeeeeasily done....
Just take everything out on Highway 61.
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Re: Neue Testversion 18.90b7

Post by Martin Huber »

bkh wrote:Same problem here. Might be related to the second bug I reported a few posts earlier, and possibly with the "Can't use the lasso handles" bug which Martin already promised to fix.
Yes, these Lasso problems should be gone in the next version.