New Export Workflow Proposal

Hier diskutieren die Betatester von PhotoLine untereinander und mit den Entwicklern
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Re: New Export Workflow Proposal

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+1 for Herberts Proposal substituting the scaling column by an action names column as proposed by bkh
The existing scaling Dialogue can be easily used to create the appropriate scaling actions needed for Herberts use cases, but the approach is more general.
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Re: New Export Workflow Proposal

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photoken wrote: Sun 02 Apr 2017 22:56
Eurgail wrote: Sun 02 Apr 2017 17:47 I think you shouldn't fight for it. :-)
Naahh, 123 and I aren't fighting about this -- we're each just describing how we use PL, which can be quite different in some cases. :D

When we do "fight" about a concept, you'll know it: the arguments rage for several days. And I'm glad they do because those discussions generate much light and very little heat. For me, those forceful exchanges and questioning have made me really think about what I was proposing, and that's a Good Thing. :D
Absolutely agree - since Ken joined I've also become more careful and more precise when suggesting new features. That can only be a good thing, and provides more clarity. And we do actually see eye to eye on a number of things we'd like to see implemented in PhotoLine.
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Re: New Export Workflow Proposal

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photoken wrote: Sat 01 Apr 2017 20:10 -1
I have never needed this, do not need it now, and will never need it.

I'd rather see enhancements to the photo editing tools, vector drawing capabilities, and a real History panel. In other words, fun stuff! :D
And I never use vector capabilities in PL, so should I -1 improvements for vector drawing capabilities?

I also do not do UI/Web design using PL or anything else. I just want the best image editor there is. I do see the value in the request--the world is changing without my permission...

I think for UI work, at least from my little understanding of it, there are a whole slew of enhancements and capabilities that would need done.