macOS Improvement - Stick bottom of the panes to the bottom of the screen

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macOS Improvement - Stick bottom of the panes to the bottom of the screen

Post by ono »

My proposal is to make layer list to somewhat a special auto-expandable/shrinkable panel when it is part of panel stack that is snapped to both top and bottom of the screen, so PL will try to keep the panel stack always snapped to the edges of the screen, by adjusting layer list panel height accordingly. Rather than explaining this in the details, let me give you an example.

Here is my default layout:
NOTE: Once I drag bottom of the layer list to the bottom of my screen it snaps. It can make you think it will not stick to the bottom of the screen, but not really.

Scenario 1: What I often want to do is collapse one of the panes on the top. But then I get this, layer list is not extended, but instead I have a gap now:
I still need to drag the layers all way down to extend it back to the bottom of the screen.

Scenario 2: I want to expand one of the collapsed panes or maybe extend some of the other panes such as document properties, bottom of the layers pane gets out of the screen:
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Re: macOS Improvement - Stick bottom of the panes to the bottom of the screen

Post by Herbert123 »

Yes, agreed. I mentioned this quite a long time ago as well. It happens on Windows too.

This is my screen setup with panels collapsed. (docked channels panel right top and floating group of three panels related to brush settings and line/text styles).
When these are expanded:
1) docked layer panel bottom controls fall off the screen. Ideally this control bar should snap to the bottom of the screen, and the layer content's vertical size adapts and shrinks, displaying less of that content.

2) with all three floating panels expanded, the bottom one falls completely off the screen. With the top panels expanded, the brushes fall off the screen partly. The third group of panels at the bottom is invisible. This is to be expected with floating panels. Even so, it would be preferable to have the brushes automatically reduce in height, and at least display the bottom lost panel. This is probably hard to solve, though.

A secondary issue is that some panels do not automatically adjust to the size of their content while it would be preferable and more logical to do so.
For example, I have the Document, Page, and Layer panels grouped (see image second column from the right, top three grouped panels group).
To accommodate the Layer properties and make all of them visible at all times, I am forced to drag it out downward for ~1/3 of the screen height. However, switching to the Page properties leaves a large empty space, and the bottom part doesn't automatically snap upwards.

Anyway, it results in a lot of unneeded and wasted clicks. When I want the channels to be displayed, I would prefer at the very least that the bottom controls of the layer panel remain snapped at the bottom and remain visible when these are docked on the side.

Some lists and panels should automatically adjust their content size when docked and depending on the content and when other panels are collapsed/expanded: the Layer, Page, Document, Brushes, Document colours (Global Colors), Colors, Patterns, Gradients, Textures, Picture Info, for example.

In ALL cases when panels are docked the bottom controls panel should never be allowed to run off-screen. It is acceptable with floating panels, but not with docked ones.

The inconsistent Adjustment panel controls also reveal why this is a problem: instead of the regular bottom controls like in other panels, the Adjustment panel instead opts for controls in the title bar, which is entirely inconsistent with the rest of the interface.

Btw, the pages panel are missing the bottom controls, which is also very inconsistent.

Btw2, The Document panel's title is confusing, because there is already a document panel, and this title does not explain that the panel displays a list of global colors. Please rename it "Global Colors".
Also, this panels bottom controls are entirely inconsistent with the rest of the GUI once more: instead of the regular bottom row of controls, a new + and - button design is introduced.
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