Couple of requests to improve Browse

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Couple of requests to improve Browse

Post by Herbert123 »

A couple of workflow feature requests for Browse:

1) It would be great if we could filter image folders according to the clicked keyword(s) by clicking the keyword(s) in the Keyword list, and
2) when an image with keywords is selected, that (those) keyword is (are) highlighted in the keyword list.

3) browsing a folder with sub-folders with images: when the parent folder is selected, an option to also show the subfolder images. This would be great to manage photos more easily.

4) option to multiple-selected folders in the navigator list, and displaying the contents of multiple folders that way in the list.

4) dragging an image from parent folder to sub folder: instead of copy the default action should be move, just like Windows and Mac. But this would only work nicely if (3) is implemented.

5) would be really great if the Browse GUI's tabs and panels could be moved around just like PhotoLine.

6) would be a great workflow enhancer if a search bar is implemented at the top with similar options as the search dialog. The search dialog is very cumbersome to work with.

7) additional option in the right-click menu when a folder is selected to open a Windows Explorer/Mac Finder window to that location.

If anything, (3) and (4) would be the most welcome addition, because I organize images in folders mostly. But I often still want to see the content of multiple folders simultaneously. That is currently not possible, as far as I can tell.
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Re: Couple of requests to improve Browse

Post by der_fotograf »

3. and 4. can be handled with Finder in macOS
In macOS the dragging default is »Move« only as long as you are dragging a file between drives in the machine. To external drives and sticks the default is always »Copy«, unless you press the CMD ⌘ key while dragging.

Other than that, you might try XnView MP, which offers most (if not all) of the features you want/need.
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