Boolean issues and bugs

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Boolean issues and bugs

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Please have a look at the attached file. I created a simple cat's head with a bunch of shapes and used booleans and cloned shapes to re-use the same shapes for other boolean operations.

I am experiencing three issues:

1) when I work on any of the shapes used for the boolean operations, PhotoLine refuses to update the parent shapes. I have to manually turn layers on and off to make it work. Try adjusting one of the eyes' circles, for example. It results in the left cat disappearing. Turning the cat path group one and on fixes this, but I should not have to manually perform this step.

2) for some reason during the work with parented boolean operations, often the settings return to Union, and I am forced to manually reset to difference. For example, creating the cat head with eyes boolean caused parented child objects to lose the difference setting and revert to Union (which is the default, I guess?). Once you start digging a bit deeper with booleans and parented booleans as well as virtual copies, these issues pop up.

3) reusing the same basic shape a few times for a boolean operation results in quite obvious shape and quality degradation. Compare the original circle on the right with the circle shape on the left: the left one shows problems. This is already visible in the second iteration in the center. It is as if the resolution of the curves is reduced. Also compare the right eye of the middle purple cat with the right eye of the left cat: the purple cat's right eye looks fine, but the left one looks terrible.

I would love some kind of quality setting to reduce this degradation, even if it would mean longer calculation times. Some kind of boolean resolution setting. perhaps?
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