What I like about Photoline

Hier diskutieren die Betatester von PhotoLine untereinander und mit den Entwicklern
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What I like about Photoline

Post by JulianZI »

With all the suggestions and requests which have been recently dumped on ComputerInsel I just wanted to write what *I* like about Photoline

- It starts so quickly
- It creates comparatively small files
- You can crop any layer physically (not just logically, which is also possible)
- You can do publishing and photo editing in one application
- It supports a wide range of file formats - and you can also *save" in most formats not just *export".
- You can change the brush size with Ctrl+Mouse
- The powerful copy brush

What is what you like?
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Re: What I like about Photoline

Post by shijan »

- 32 bit document color processing. All filters, tools and color space transforms support 32 bit color depth.
- 100% lossless workflow in Document Mode. Lossless editing, lossless crop/rotate.
- Non destructive color management transformations.
- Combined vector-raster editing.
- Really quick WEB export.
- JPEG compression size/quality adjustment amount from min to max is wider compare to other apps.
- Fully customizable keyboard commands.
- Best ever made Curves and Levels tool
- Dragging document with middle Mouse button

Same time there huge amount of things that i still don't like. Hope they will be fixed in next 10-20 years of development :)
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Re: What I like about Photoline

Post by Herbert123 »

  • the layer stack implementation. One of the best and most flexible out there, if not the best. A number of unique features.
  • layer opacity -200 up to +200
  • using the layer opacity to reverse effects and blend modes.
  • the overall workflow is mostly quite efficient and extremely flexible.
  • the curves are the best ever indeed
  • anti-aliasing controls.
  • super 1-bit bitmap support with layers. Seriously? Nothing compares with this.
  • export of 1bit bitmap high-res layers are properly exported to PDF. Super for Comics work.
  • friendliness with other apps - extensibility & round-tripping. Plays really nice with other apps.
  • placeholder layers and virtual layers.
  • adjustment layers can be cloned as virtual layers.
  • layer masks can be cloned and re-used throughout the layer stack as virtual layers.
  • 32bit color processing fully supported workflow.
  • webp export
  • mini browser. So useful.
  • the overall workflow configuration is pretty good.
  • layer masks and their immense flexibility with adjustment layers, etc. in PhotoLine.
  • the built-in procedural texture generator. Gold.
  • the non-destructive boolean operation implementation via the layer stack.
  • the control over each separate bitmap/vector layer.
  • the overall non-destructive workflow.
  • pixel snapping
  • externally linked documents which update when changes are made to those same linked docs.
  • the awesome gradient/pattern/texture controls.
  • gradient generation rocks in PhotoLine.
  • quick and easy bitmap to vector conversion.
  • vector layer masks
  • live Photoshop plugin support for placeholders. What! And great PS plugin support in general.
  • the range of supported file import. The very good PSD file import.
  • the option to place PDF files in passthrough mode (via Ghostscript, but still very much appreciated)
  • the quite flexible vector toolset.
  • scripting and batch processing.
  • actions work really well in general.
  • "super" combined adjustment layers (one adjustment layer can have multiple adjustments combined in one layer)
  • imported Illustrator (with PDF stream) as placeholders can be edited directly in PhotoLine.
  • the pdf import.
  • non-destructive RAW developing
  • generally very stable. Crashes occur but are fixed swiftly.
  • great for small-medium sized DTP jobs too.
  • document mode.
And last, but not least: the excellent support from the developers. So often now that I mentioned a bug or requested a small feature, and it got fixed or implemented within a few weeks. Since I first started to use PhotoLine the app has completely transformed (I recall panels could not even be ungrouped or adjusted!).

And yes, there are a couple of outstanding things that I would love to see addressed as well. That said, there is much to like about PhotoLine once it is configured to your liking.
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Re: What I like about Photoline

Post by Paul »

All of the above make that I never have to leave PhotoLine to get whatever job done. It's all in there!
There is often more than one way to get things done.
And most functions are non-destructive.
I would happily pay 5 times the price. It's worth every cent.
- Paul
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Re: What I like about Photoline

Post by der_fotograf »

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Re: What I like about Photoline

Post by russellcottrell »

Paul wrote: Wed 10 Jun 2020 09:20 I would happily pay 5 times the price.
Shhhh! Don't say that!
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Re: What I like about Photoline

Post by maxwell »

Because it's not a conglomeration of plugins!