Suggestions for new export options

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Suggestions for new export options

Post by Herbert123 »

In the latest beta version a new SVG export options panel is introduced.

My suggestion: expand this to include the same base options which are now considered standard in design applications:
2021-05-10 12_46_56-PhotoLine 22.90B8 (64) - [letters.pld_ (Group, 739x488, 125%) ].png
Most modern design applications that export to the web, mobile, desktop, tablet, and screen/UI design in general include this particular GUI: a plus/minus to add or remove export options per selected object or group of objects (or the entire screen) with standard naming practices (still editable though).

The ... menu option could open the existing save for web option in PhotoLine to fine-tune the settings for each export. A very nice combination of the old with the new :-) - I personally think the newer design apps are severely limited as far as fine control is concerned.

This would modernize PhotoLine's screen design export options in one blow!

To compare, just create a free account for Figma or download Lunacy for free.
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Re: Suggestions for new export options

Post by Martin Huber »

While I find that interesting, I don't know how to transfer that to PhotoLine.

In Lunacy you can assign export options to a document, a workspace (corresponds to pages in PhotoLine) and arbitrary layers/groups.
The new Export Attributes could be used to assign export options to arbitrary layers/groups, but assigning them to a page or document isn't directly possible. How should that take place? Additional export options in the Page Attributes/Document Attributes?