Double Click resets slider to last used value instead of real Reset

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Double Click resets slider to last used value instead of real Reset

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Discussion for this problem was started here ... 180#p51180

In new versions of PhotoLine finally we can use double click to reset any slider. But there is a strange bug when slider handle resets by double click to last used value instead of simply reset to expected default 0. For example this happens if switch to other layer and then back to Adjustment filter.
Here is how to reproduce:
- add any adjustment filter layer
- drag slider to any value (for example 40)
- select any other layer
- select same adjustment filter layer
- double click to same slider
- problem: slider remains unchanged at value 40. If change slider to other value (for example 20), and double click to it - it will reset now to value 40.

Martin Huber's reply was: "That's the intended behaviour. Double-clicking should reset to the value shown when opening the dialog."
But i believe that it is sort of strange logic... In any app double-click just reset slider to default (same as global Reset button, but for single slider).

Also seems Eye Preview icon button in Color Filter affected by same strange logic. Instead of show/hide filter effect it show last used Color Filter setting.
Here is how to reproduce:
- Create Levels adjustment layer and move some slider to see some changes.
- Add Color Filter to Levels
- Add some some range in Color Filter
- Click eye icon. It turns on/off Color Filter preview as expected.
- Close Color Filter and open it again.
- Click eye icon.
- Problem: instead of on/off Color Filter preview, it don't do anything.
- But if change range in Color Filter again, eye icon start to show changes before/after changes.

I can understand that in some situations this unusual double click behaviour may be useful, but in many other situations it also very confusing. So why don't allow to use both methods?

:arrow: Double Click resets slider to default (same as Reset button).
:arrow: Double Click + Some Key modifier resets slider to last used value.
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