Change document size

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Change document size

Post by PPaul »

I often work with double pages. If I want to change the document size in this setup, it would be logical if the size would change from the inside outward or inward (like from the staples). Now It changes from the left side to the right, but with a booklet that is not practical. Printing this doublesided is not possible anymore with the correct registration.
And to change the document from double to single pages and back could work but doesn't, because artwork that 'falls' from the right to the left page will stick to the left, with all the consequences.

So, could it be possible to add an extra alignment with the 'Change document size' function, something like mirrored?
I would appreciate this very much!

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Re: Change document size

Post by Herbert123 »

This is a good (probably simple to implement) change.

Would be great if it was implemented. :-)
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