Irregular selections

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Irregular selections

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I would like to see te possibility to make irregular selections inside vector frames and with frames in general.
Als an example: I have a document with about 100 random placed circles (confetti). And there is an image of a tree in the middle and I want to delete a part of these frames to set the tree free.
Now I can only select a rectangle with the circles, or I should select the circles one by one. If it would be possible to draw a selection like the free lasso, it would be a breeze.
The same is inside a vector frame. I often import PDFs or EPSs with a lot of vector paths inside. When I want to delete a part of it or select a part to place it outside the vector frame to give it a different colour, it is a tedious job to select all the vector points. If I could make a free selection, like the free lasso, It would be a much simpler job.

Is this possible?

- Paul