Req: Stretch a complex vector object along a path

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Req: Stretch a complex vector object along a path

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Now that PL has variable width lines, the main thing I use CorelDraw or Illustrator for is to stretch a complex vector object along a path.

Both programs provide sets of vector shapes that somewhat mimic various brush and pen strokes. These shapes can be applied to a path, stretching from the beginning of the path to the end, and the general width can be set using the standard width control.

Here's an example: In PL I drew a sinusoidal line over the original image and sent that vector layer to one of those programs (don't remember which one) as a PDF. In that program I applied an "artistic" shape to the line and it came back to PL as this layer group:
jen swoosh.png
Then I added various effects in PL to achieve this:
Jennifer Aniston 16.jpg
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Yes, I think it can be eeeeeasily done....
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