Catmull–Rom spline Vs Mitchell-Netravali

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Catmull–Rom spline Vs Mitchell-Netravali

Post by iosoio » Thu 18 Feb 2016 21:38


Can anybody give me me some practical advise on using Catmul Vs Mitchell and other resampling algorithms; or point me to some resources good to understand which is better and when?

Something deeper than this:
https://miguelwrattensanchez.wordpress. ... chell-rom/

When I have to double the file size I use SAR PseudoLAD (Poisson sharpener or Jensen Edge to sharpen) and Photoline Lanczos 3 to downscale; sometimes Catmul for small non multiple enlargements but I would like to know more to apply a logic choice.

I've found a couple of pages but they are pure mathematics.
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Re: Catmull–Rom spline Vs Mitchell-Netravali

Post by Herbert123 » Fri 19 Feb 2016 04:44

An excellent explanation, plus comparisons: ... ithms.html

Both Catmull-Rom and Mitchell-Netravali do a great job when down-sampling images. Catmull-Rom keeps the details sharper/more contrast rich than MN.
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