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New in Version 20.01

Post by Gerhard Huber » Wed 14 Dec 2016 19:17

  • PSD import: layer masks were sometimes at the incorrect position
  • Web > Create Animation: movement allows now values up to 500%
  • PDF import: rg, RG, k, K, g, G are now setting the correct color space
  • PDF import: 1 bit images with colors are now imported correctly
  • Screen output of documents: mirrored 1 bit images with colors were displayed incorrectly
  • PDF export: 1 bit images with an assigned gradient were exported incorrectly
  • Isolated placeholder layers with color profile: if cached they were displayed without color profile
  • Isolated placeholder layers with color profile: if not cached the color profile wasn't restored. Following layers were displayed using the color profile of the placeholder.
  • Liquify tool: a liquify layer with a dpi value smaller than the document caused redraw errors
  • Vector layers, stroke inside/outside: holes in shapes haven't been handled correctly
  • Quick selection tool: displayed the result before applying edge correction
  • Actions, action step showing a dialog: if an action step did show a dialog, the full preview was incorrect
  • Color list: sometimes tried to import image files, which is why drag&drop of files sometimes didn't work
  • Exposure adjustment layer: wasn't updated after loading a document
  • PSD export: problem when saving a document with a transparent background layer and additional transparent effects
  • Show All Layer, Show Only Active Layer: can be recorded as action
  • Windows: undocked dockable dialogs can be switch from horizontal to vertical layout and viceversa by using the context menu of the dialog - just like on macOS
  • Plug ins as action/dynamic filter: windows actions/filters didn't work on macOS and viceversa
  • Placeholders with dynamic filters: are now always drawn isolated
  • Status bar in document window, Windows: in picture mode the status bar can be turned off via manual editing of the preferences (PhotoLine.xml or registry)
  • Dynamic filters, plug ins: Documents with 2 dynamic filters which used plug-ins could cause trouble
  • Automatic guide lines, Windows: if the mouse was exactly over an automatic guide, a mouse click wasn't recognized
  • Tool Settings: resizeable
  • Plug ins, icons: icons with the name of the plug in didn't work correctly
  • Placeholders, saving: Editing and saving an embedded placeholder never reduced its memory size

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