New in version 13.51

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New in version 13.51

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- PSP and Tube Import

- Virtual Copies, Layer Masks: virtual layers can now have layer masks
- Virtual Copies, Effects: virtual layers can now have layer effects

Bug fixes:
- SWF Export: open pathes with fill color and line color will be now exported correct
- SWF Export: export of mirrored layers, line width problem fixed
- Extern CMM: if you have an extern CMM installed, there was a displaying problem
- PDF Import: Fonts that are not declared as symbol font but have a symbol encoding are now treated as symbol fonts
- Show printable area: redraw problems fixed
- Plugins, Mac OS, PPC: problem fixed
- Text flow with images: properbly the text layer lost its size
- Spell Checker: Problem when inserting full sentences with "." at the end fixed
- PSD Import: Pathes with negativ coordinates are now read correct
- Text layer, Mac OS: Shortcut for word wide cursor jumps now Mac OS conform
- Auto Mask: works now correct with 16 bit images
- New working layer, group with previous: creating a mask now fixed
- PDF Export, Layer Mask: Matrix of layer mask was not set correct
- Browse Panel, Rename Folder: Context menu command didn't do anything