Test Version 1450b17

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Test Version 1450b17

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to show you what will be new in PhotoLine we decided to publish a beta version.
We tested this beta version internally, but nevertheless it's possible,
that there are severe bugs in it.

If you want to see what's going on with PhotoLine, you can download the
beta version from one of the links below:



If you want to discuss about this version, please do so in "Discussion about

Here is a list of the major changes until version 14.51:

- dockable dialogs "redone"
- Color Correction (Filter/Digital Camera)
- Red Eye Tool
- SVG Import
- Text: Text can now be formatted in register
- Blends: Can be edited in the document window if the corresponding editing
tool is active

- Browse: Now with preview
- Attributes/Layer: Now more values directly editable
- Curves: can now optionally work in Lab or HIS
- Color Edit: Function to find "harmonic" colors
- Duplication of the background layer: A transparency channel is created
- Layer Mask/Convert for Previous, virtual copy: If the active layer contains
a virtual copy referencing the previous layer, the command is disabled
- ICC Profiles: Can be loaded alternatively from "Defaults/ICCProfiles"
- Layer dialog: now offers layer mask functions
- Batch Convert: if the destination format is fix (i.e. JPEG), Batch Convert
allows to directly adjust the export settings
- Batch Convert: if the destination format is fix (i.e. JPEG), the local
settings are used and the global settings are not modified
- Text Options: Outline color and line style added
- Curves/Curve Editor: points can be deleted with Delete (Windows)
and Backspace (Mac OS)
- Attribute dialog, ICC profiles: there is always a ICC data entry in the
document section now
- Text Layers, shortcuts, Mac OS: Cmd+Arrow up jumps to the beginning of the
text, Cmd+Arrow down to the text end
- Text Layers, shortcuts: Ctrl+Pos1 jumps to the beginning of the text,
Ctrl+End to the text end
- Perspective transformation: can now be recorded as action
- Browse: thumbnails of JPEG-, TIFF- and PNG-files are now generated
in the background
- Lasso: can now be scaled with shift+arrow key (Ctrl/Command for larger steps)
- Crop tool: Cropping can now be done with Enter and with Return, too
- Document mode, screen output: parts outside the document are shown lighter
- Text Settings: the text settings are now in the tool settings of the
Edit Text tool
- Plug-Ins: better plug-in-support (especially masking plug-ins)
- Pixelize Filter: Now respects the mask
- Usage of Shift - Alt swapped for moving and scaling layers
- Layer Settings: Dialog was removed because it is no longer needed
- Blends are now dithered
- Linux, Wine: The mouse cursor is back