New in Version 15.02

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New in Version 15.02

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we released version 15.02 of PhotoLine right now.
You can download from

New in this version:
- Attributes: simple images can now be scaled in the Layer subdialog and size
can be changed in the Document subdialog
- Reduce to One Layer: if the bottom most layer is a layer mask, the result
will be a layer mask, too
- Working Layers: can now be assigned to a single layer (analogous to layer
masks) by dragging to that layer (in the Layers dialog)
- Attributes/Document: EXIF and IPTC data can be shown
- PSD Import: supports guides now
- Copy Brush: the preview now uses the special attributes (layer masks, image
works and so on) for display
- Plugin support: once more improved
- Actions with shortcuts (setup in options dialog)
- Vector primitives: Flower and star with preset
- Browse: IPTC data can be edited directly
- Curves: Press Ctrl to read the color channels separatly

Bug Fixes:
- Digital Camera/Image Noise: Could not be recorded for actions
- Text Layer: Delete and backspace are used only, if there is no additional
key pressed
- Drag&Drop of files: sometimes it failed
- Text layers: with "Helvetica 33 Thin Extended" input of umlauts was not
- Clipping Layer and Working Layers: the combination of a ector clipping layer
and a working layer could produce wrong results
- Opening file from explorer, Windows: If PhotoLine was minimized, the file
was opend in a mini window
- PSD import: can import images with layer masks without stored size
- IPTC data: deleting keywords with the delete button didn't work
- Export/Save As...: file format settings were resetted on changing the
active directory
- Lasso: the soft edge was reset to 0 if the lasso was deleted by a
single click
- Layer effects: there was a shift of the effect with layers, that were not
aligned to pixel boundaries
- Shortcuts, Options, Windows: shortcuts with Shift+letter couldn't be
assigned correctly
- Lasso: a one pixel wide or high lasso could not be created
- Magnetic Lasso: under certain conditions there could be a crash
- Vault: on images with transaprency a grid structure was visible in
the result
- Drawing Filter: didn't work correctly due to the drawing optimizations
in 15.01
- Lense Flare, Mac OS: the bundled presets were not loaded
- Grid, offset: if there was an offset defined in the options/preferences,
the alignment to the grid didn't work correctly
- Paste, text, Mac OS: pasting text from Carbon applications could create
wrong umlauts
- Options, Default Save Format: PLD didn't work correct
- Layer tool, path text, scaling, undo: if path text gad been scaled by using
the layer tool, several undo steps were created
- Working layer, Duplicate Layer: if a working layer was duplicated,
in certain conditions the duplicate used the mask of the original (error
disappeared on saving/loading)
- Painting, working layer: on painting in a layer, that was modified by
a working layer, sometimes the redraw area was too small
- PLD format: reading the embedded preview image didn't work sometimes
- Edit/Paste: pasting an image from an external application could loose
the embedded icc profile
- Layer effects "Create Structure" and "Special Emboss": if these two effects
had been combined, "Create Structure" was shown only sporadically
- Painting, graphic tablet, intensity mode: using the intensity mode painting
several times at the same location didn't work correctly
- Paste as Document: on pasting an image with an ICC color profile unnamed
undo entries were created
- Layer frames: in documents with extreme proportions (i.e. 1000x50 pixel)
layer frames were sometimes drawn at a slightly incorrect position
- Change Document Size, Crop tool: layers lost the display mode
- Modal alert dialogs, Mac OS: after a modal alert dialog helper
dialogs/palettes were sometimes no longer accessible
- clouds filter as working layer: the clouds filter didn't work correctly as
working layer, if it was used in an isolated group and in a 16 bit image
- Close and save document, Mac OS: under unknown circumstances there were rare
cases, in which a document could not be saved. "File/Save" did work correctly
- Combobox, Mac OS: Leaving the combobox with Return didn't close the dialog
- Layout/Document/Change Document Size, Layout/Document/Crop Document, picture
mode: functions didn't work correctly in combination with clipping layers
- TIFF, Fax3 compression, Mac OS, 64 bit: wasn't read correctly
- TIFF, YCbCr-Format: is now read correctly
- Web Export: saves the last used action
- Change Document Size (also Crop tool and "Crop Document"): layer effects
were flattened
- Change Document Size (also Crop tool and "Crop Document"): image layers
inside groups sometimes lost their transparency
- TWAIN, Mac OS, 64 Bit: on quit there was an error, if there was a 64 bit
TWAIN driver installed

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