Test Version 1540b6

Here you can find announcements about new versions of PhotoLine
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Test Version 1540b6

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there is a new public beta of PhotoLine.
We have tested this version heavily, nevertheless there may be severe bugs.


Mac OS:

Here is a list of the major changes since version 15.05:
  • Morph Vector: Morph one vector layer to another
  • Rop Modes: new modes available
  • Rasterize Image: new Filter in menu "Effects/Special Effects"
  • Maximum Round: new Filter in menu "Filter/Others"
  • Fonts dialog, Mac OS: the Fonts dialog is now supported
  • Layer effects: Shadow and Window Blind has "Hide Original"
  • Crop Tool: Size setup now possible
  • Spell Checker, Windows: The spell checker can now be loaded from
    the PhotoLine folder
  • PSD Export: Can save layer intensity and rop mode now
  • Image layer with transparency: if the transparency is removed,
    attached picture data will not be deleted if possible
  • Slide Show: Shows the duration time and blend mode in the preview images
  • Plug ins support, Mac OS: PTLens should work now
  • Coarse filter: enhanced
  • Scale Layer, Scale Document: DPI mode