New in version 15.06

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New in version 15.06

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we released version 15.06 of PhotoLine right now.
You can download from the Download page.

New in this version:
  • Plug ins support, Mac OS: PTLens should work now
  • Plug-In support: enhanced
Bug Fixes:
  • Standard filters: didn't save filter settings correctly
  • Stamp tool: while drawing there could remain artifacts of the Stamp brush
  • Virtual copies, layer effects, PDF export: the layer effects of virtual copies were not exported using PDF
  • Color Balance: Images with transparency lost their transparency
  • Working layers: if a working layer had been assigned to a single layer, the editing layer showed the wrong image
  • Group, Reduce to One: display mode and intensity were reduced, too
  • Outline Warping: long path segments are now split to allow better outline fitting
  • Distort Frame: layer was not always in the center of the edit area
  • Image transfer, Windows: Wia file transfer didn't work for digital cameras
  • Virtual copy, 3D Body: if the source layer had the effect "3D Body" and was invisible, the virtual copy wasn't drawn, too
  • Browse: Possible crash when a folder didn't exist fixed
  • Layer Mask/Convert for Previous: Crash on undo buffer overflow
  • Healing Brush: only layers under the active one (including the active one) are used as source
  • PDF export: working layer were not exported correctly
  • Text, outline with line pattern: crash fixed
  • Path with round join: a path from point a to point b and back to a wasn't drawn correctly
  • Copy Brush: Had sometimes problems when used in working layers

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