New in Version 15.50

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New in Version 15.50

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we released version 15.50 of PhotoLine right now.
You can download from the Download page.

New in this version:
  • Display Modes: new modes available
  • Fonts dialog, Mac OS: the Fonts dialog is now supported
  • Layer effects: Shadow and Window Blind has "Hide Original"
  • Crop Tool: Size setup now possible
  • Spell Checker, Windows: The spell checker can now be loaded from the PhotoLine folder
  • PSD Export: Can save layer intensity and rop mode now
  • Image layer with transparency: if the transparency is removed, attached picture data will not be deleted if possible
  • Slide Show: Shows the duration time and blend mode in the preview images
  • Coarse filter: enhanced
  • Scale Layer, Scale Document: DPI mode
  • Histogram: Dialog improved
  • UserSettings, Windows: You can add a command line parameter to setup the path: -Settings path
  • Copy/Paste: When copied inside a document, no size correction will be done
  • Full preview: the full preview is now updated faster with small images
  • Curves: activating the HIS mode resets the H curve
  • Browse: path and file names in the folder list are shortened, if there is not enough space
  • Keyboard shortcuts, tool bar: pressing a shortcut multible times switches between the tools if the tool is in a group
  • Text: Soft line break now supportet, Shift Return
  • Browsebox: Copy/Move files with new path dialog
  • Browse, Drag&Drop, Mac OS: PhotoLine no longer offers image data on dragging. This way copying files to a Finder window works correctly
  • Text: Tabulator dialog reworked
  • Guides: Dialog reworked
  • Vector Editor: reworked
  • Delete/Copy/Move image in the main program now
  • Dragging files, Mac OS: if several files were dragged onto a document, only one file was imported
  • 3D Body: can now be applied to images with outline warping, too
Bug Fixes:
  • Text, shape flow: clipping layers were not handled correctly
  • Image Noise: didn't work with color profiles, that didn't allow to read the gamma value
  • Undo, memory setting: the 32 bit version of PhotoLine could crash with values smaller than 0 oder larger than 32 bit
  • Crop tool: cropping a picture with more than one layer created a wrong result, if automatic scaling was turned on
  • File selection, Mac OS: "All Files" didn't work
  • Text with outline: if the outline had been outside the layer bounds, it was cropped when converted to an image
  • Tool Settings: if the tool settings dialog had been closed, there could be problems on switching the active tool with a double click
  • Browsebox: Sometimes parts of a document were not shown
  • Barcode: the background of the document was shown in the preview
  • Path with round join: in rare cases a path from point a to point b and back to a wasn't drawn correctly
  • Layer Move Tool: Does't work on guides when pressing Shift (was Alt)
  • Brush outline: was sometimes drawn to large
  • Browse, Mac OS: is the Browse window doesn't behave like a document window, it will hidden on switching applications
  • PDF export: OpenType with CFF data are now embedded correctly
  • Display mode Luminance, 16-bit images: with 16-bit per channel there could be an overflow (and therefore a display error)
  • Working layers, isolated group, display mode: a working layer inside an isolated group, that had a display mode other than "Normal", showed the wrong dialog preview
  • Filter dialogs, Create working layer: if a filter dialog had been closed by using "Create working layer", the document wasn't marked as modified
  • Deep selection: directly selecting a layer inside a group protected against selection is no longer possible
  • Exit, Windows: Can be set into a icon bar now
  • English translation: some errors fixed

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