New in Version 19.50

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New in Version 19.50

Post by Gerhard Huber »

  • New:
  • Align All: in Window menu
  • Align To Pixels (Layout > Alignment)
  • Browse, new function: Filename to XMP
  • EXIF colorspace: the colorspace of the EXIF data ist imported cleared, if custom ICC profile is set

  • Presets for tools: via the window menu of the Tool Settings
  • Lasso: outline is more precise when zoomed
  • Lasso tools, transform: outline is visible while transforming the lasso
  • Mask brush: shift can be used to draw lines
  • Airbrush: with blend mode
  • Flood fill: with blend mode
  • Brush display in document: soft brushes show the inner radius
  • Brighter/Darker Tool: with "Protect Tones"
  • Vector tools: now tools for creating vector layer are having controls for defining the fill and line style
  • Painting tools: better quality when painting with low intensities in 8-Bit

  • PSD import: general improvements
  • PSD import: better import of adjustment layers
  • new PNG library
  • PNG is now saving a sRGB chunk if possible
  • Import of APNGs
  • new WebP library
  • PDF export: many small improvements for better quality
  • PDF import: many small improvents
  • New JPEG Library
  • Mov import, Mov export, OS X: adjusted to newer OS versions

  • Modal curve editor: scalable
  • Curve editor: points can be deleted by dragging them outside the editor
  • Layer effects: are applied to all active layers
  • Layer effects: are new automatically adjusted to the layer quality
  • Layer effect "Shadow 3D": Unsharpness increases with the depth
  • Layereffect "Outline outside" and "Outline inside": new with antialiased edges and subpixel width
  • Gradient editor, document window: Gradient can be dragged with Alt+click&drag
  • Gradient editor, document window: normalized handle size, are now scaling with screen dpi
  • Layer List: Shift to extend selection now also works with the checkbox field
  • Layer List: Shift can now be used to select, too
  • Layer List: Adding to the selection is optionally recorded as action, if the there are no gaps in the selection
  • Layer List: optionally with keyboard contrl (via options "Working > Special")
  • Layer List: Alt+double click on thumbnail turns transparency on/off
  • Layer List: visibility of opeing triangle of groups is now better with certain UI brightnesses
  • Document List: now with arrows in Tab mode
  • Document List, drag&drop: drag&drop of layers and files to documents in the Document List supported
  • Placeholder layers: data can be be embedded and exported
  • Placeholder layers, external programs: data are now longer converted, if they are fitting the external program
  • Placeholder layers, drag&drop: dropping several files to an empty placeholder layer will insert the remaining files in the following empty placeholders
  • Formula fields: context command "Fix" replaces the formula with its value
  • Document Attributes, Layer Attributes: now sorting order for entries
  • Precise mouse cursor: less visually distracting
  • Layer tool, multiple selection: multiple selected layers can be transformed together
  • Histogram: optionally extended information
  • Full preview in modal dialogs: by assigning a shortcut to "Layer > Display > Show Layer" the preview can be turned on/off by keyboard
  • Crop tool: The cropping box can now be moved outside the document bounds using the keyboard
  • Text styles: are applied to all active layers
  • Navigation bar in document window: zooming keeps the visible area
  • Curve creation tool: closing path while holding shift will create a line
  • Dockable dialogs, OS X: context menu of title bar now has commands for switching the orientation
  • ICC color profiles: now the source profile controls the rendering intent
  • Ligatures, OS X: now with option to turn off ligatures
  • Combo boxes: now with simple calculations

  • Faster image output
  • Vector output: now multithreaded
  • Presets files are now loaded on demand
  • Clipping layers, images: clipping bounds are cached now

  • Power consumption, OS X: fewer UI updates
  • Batch convert: now prefers the import fitting the file extender
  • Align to pixels: now interpolates the position of the uncorrected points
  • Open file: If a file is opened with a problem, there is now longer an error, but a warning message
  • Save document: a severe error while saving will keep the original file
  • Image output, picture mode: images with antialiasing "Always" are no longer antialised if zoomed in
  • Implicit "save as" by closing document, OS X: there is no longer an extender appended

    Bug fixes:
  • Start/flower tool: layers could change their size after creation or by changing the options
  • OS X, 10.11, open dialog: embedded subdialogs didn't work correctly
  • Morph vector layers (maybe other situations, too): turning on preview didn't fully update the document
  • Vector layer: in rare cases vector layers could be displayed incorrectly
  • Text output, Windows: the ascents of fonts with wrong metrices could be cut off
  • Layer masks/clipping layers, vector layers with child layers: using vector layer with child layers as clipping layer/layer mask didn't work correctly (only used the outline)
  • Layer masks/clipping layers, isolated groups: isolated group containing only vector layers didn't work correctly when used as clipping layer/layer mask (only used the outline)
  • Vector layer, dotted lines: if zoomed out, the opacity of the dotted line was wrong
  • Document window, OS X 10.11: unnecessary redraw on layer change
  • External programs, shortcuts: modifying the list of externla programs no longer deletes the shortcuts
  • Gradient editor in document window: Color editor via context menu didn't work correctly
  • Layer effects: applied to scaled vector layers and using the "layer" mode could displace the effect by 1 pixel
  • Layer effect "Shadow inside": didn't work correctly without distance
  • Layer effect "Shadow outside" : better quality
  • Pasting a virtual copy: virtual were adjusted to the page bounds (in contrast to ordinary layers)
  • Open dialog, OS X: it should the wrong path
  • Fixing morphed vector layers: It could revert the order of the created layers
  • Automatic text layers: now with a low tolerance to avoid disappearing text
  • Mosaic: better quality
  • Text layer, vertical alignment, underline, text to vector conversion: the underlines could have a wrong position
  • Text fields: releasing Ctrl could leave the wrong mouse cursor
  • Remove object: used with a very small selection the user had to cancel the operation with Esc
  • Rotate image: now uses the transparency
  • Fix layer with Shift: relative values are recalculated for the new layer size
  • Special channel: "Show mask" modified the display of the special channel
  • Font problem, Windows: problem with Futura Oblique fixed
  • Vektor layer, stroek with variable thickness: redraw error with simple lines fixed
  • brush editor, non-modal: didn't adjust brush size, if the brush size has been modified by using the arrow keys
  • Modal filter dialogs, picking color from dialog preview: color picking picked the wrong color
  • Modifying adjustment layers: document was set to modified, even when leaving the dialog with "Cancel"
  • Path text: crash fixed with scaling, if the path had an invisible child layer
  • Lab colors, OX X 10.11: crash fixed
  • Distort tool fixed problem with 1-bit images
  • Brush size, modifying softness with Shift+arrow keys: crash with bitmap brushes fixed
  • Scale layer, formula mode: DPI formula didn't work correctly
  • Context menu of popup-dialogs, OS X: The context menu appeared behind the popup-dialog
  • Localizing, OS X: some popups haven't been localized
  • Create button: text wasn't centered correctly
  • Painting tools: pen pressure in intensity mode now changes flow
  • Non-modal brush editor: after using a bitmap brush the inner radius hasn't been enabled
  • 32-bit images: removed imprecise calculations with very high pixel values
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Re: New in Version 19.50

Post by kevjon »

Wow, nice additions, thanks so much.
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Re: New in Version 19.50

Post by iABecca »

Thank you so much! I wish I remembered more of the German I took in high school for 4 years...I'd like to explore the other boards here, lol.

I have been searching for something to replace Fireworks and finally stumbled on a forum, yesterday, where Photoline was suggested - I wish I had found this a couple years ago instead of dealing with Adobe's stupid cloud subscription - only to have them kill Fireworks! I'm so excited to check this out further - but it seems like it will do everything I was using FW for (I make educational printables). And this is even better because in some quick playing I see I can export ALL my pages right to PDF - and that is a huge time saver for me!

Any chance you'll be creating a way for Photoline to open FW files (with the layers intact)?! Now that would be worth millions (to me, at least).

Becca B
Becca B