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New in version 20.02

Post by Gerhard Huber » Wed 22 Feb 2017 11:34

  • Unicode Hex Input, macOS: works now
  • Icons with names, Windows: on Windows PicturesUser.pld didn't work correctly with icon names (for plug ins)
  • Liquify: a low-res Liquify layer is antialiased if scaled-up
  • Liquify: applying "Scale Layer" to a Liquify layer could cause redraw problems
  • Liquify: Faster, but no longer in the Adjustment Layer dialog
  • Quick Selection tool: can be stopped more smoothly now
  • Blend mode action: consecutive blend mode actions are merged
  • Quick Selection tool: crash with invisible layers fixed
  • Crop tool, picture mode: inverted layer mask/clippings layers/adjustment layers lost the inversion
  • Plugins: are supporting path property
  • Tool tips, Windows: now have a larger distance from the mouse position
  • Calendar, special days, macOS: merging special days works now
  • Redraw: with "slow" documents dragging a small layer at the bottom right was slower than at the top left
  • PDF Export, Export with continuous transparency, layers with layer masks and layer styles: layer styles outside the document bounds were clipped
  • Layer with layer masks and layer styles, Reduce to One Layer: layer styles outside the document bounds were clipped
  • Isolated groups: the cache of isolated groups no longer contains layer styles
  • PDF import: 1 bit images might have become black
  • Simple Browse, macOS: it was possible to leave the root folder
  • Simple Browse: regardless of the sorting direction folders are now always at the top and ".." is always the first entry
  • Browse, file preview: the preview of documents with placeholders failed sometimes
  • Crop Document/Crop tool: is now working fully recursive and changes the size of vector adjustment layers, too
  • Automatic guides, document frame: aligning to the document corners didn't wirk correctly with very large documents (or documents with a very large frame)
  • Neat Image < version 8, macOS: possible crash if used twice
  • Layer masks, filters: applying a filter to a layer mask might have crashed
  • Convert with ICC Profile: Sometimes "Linear gamma" was incorrectly enabled
  • System CMYK profile, Windows: Warning if there is no system CMYK profile
  • PSD import: groups with color filter are automatically set to "Draw Isolated", blend mode "Subtract" is supported
  • Scale Layer, macOS: Changing the DPI value in "Normal" mode automatically activates the DPI

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