New in version 20.50

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New in version 20.50

Post by Gerhard Huber »

Miscellaneous improvements:
  • Full screen mode, Windows
  • Painting tools: Convert color using layer profile if necessary
  • Color fields/lists: Adjust to document profile
  • Vector stars "symmetrical" structure
  • Text formatting: Unicode 00ad is treated as a hyphenation proposal
  • Text formatting: Unicode 200b (zero width space) identifies separation point
  • Hyphenation proposals, macOS: Ctrl+Minus should now also work with English keyboard layout
  • Paragraph alignment: Can now be recorded as action
  • Windows, drag files to main window: Keeping the Shift key pressed opens all files in one document
  • Page navigation bar: Switching off via "AppendNavigationToImages" is now also supported on macOS
  • Color Picker: If the color picker has a simple shortcut (i. e. only a simple character without additional keys), it can be accessed temporarily by pressing and holding this key.
  • Adjustments dialog: Adjustments can be copied/pasted
  • Rotate view with alt-mouse wheel can be switched off in the settings
  • Attributes: Ctrl+/Command+mouse drag changes values of non-active lines too
  • "New image" is opened when a 0 byte PLD file is dragged to PhotoLine
  • Layer tool with setting which layer types should be aligned to the actual content
  • Curve Creation tool: If the end point of a subpath is selected, the following point is inserted behind it
  • Brush outline: Can be temporarily switched off via the Caps Lock key
  • Histogram with double arrow for min/max
  • Exposure with icons in front of the sliders
  • Windows: New scrollbars for dialogs
  • Windows: New double arrow controls
  • Dialogs, Windows: in all dialogs the scrollbars are replaced by sliders
  • Multiline text fields, Windows: Are now using relative text metrics (better typeface)
  • Text layer: Selection is now visible regardless of the background
  • Precise mouse cursor: Spray and Liquify tool now also have one
  • Print dialog, Windows: If the default setting was "System", the print dialog no longer changes it
  • Print, Windows: The rendering intent in the print dialog temporarily replaces the rendering intent of the document.
  • Print, labels, macOS: only the first label was displayed, the rest was clipped away
  • Print dialog, macOS: Now with "Paper format".
  • Light/Shadow: faster
  • Mix modes: slightly accelerated
  • Adjustment layers: With a completely white mask, the mask is no longer set
  • Adjustment layers with vector mask: A white rectangle mask is no longer set
  • Zoomed documents: in certain situations faster screen output
  • Screen output: with "slow" documents dragging of small layers could be slower on the lower right side than on the upper left.
  • Document window, focus, painting tools: If the document window loses focus when the drawing tool is active, the document will not be redrawn.
  • Screen output, macOS: screen cache is now displayed faster
  • Menu icons, macOS: Rebuilt only if changed
  • Embedded placeholders: PLDs no longer save preview
File formats:
  • PLD settings: Preview size and fast saving
  • PDF import, spot colors: Lab values were not read correctly for spot colors with Lab replacement
  • PDF import: Incorrect character encodings of FrameMaker are partially read
  • PDF import: Solved problems with bizarre PS-PDFs
  • PDF export, path text with background layer effects: The path text was not output as path text
  • PDF export, lines with variable thickness: With a simple, linear thickness curve, the variable line thickness was not exported
  • SVG export, text layer with color filter: Crash fixed
  • SVG export: Background layer effects are output separately
  • PSD export with groups
  • PSD export: Writes a resource for clip layers
  • GIF import: possible buffer overflow for defective files fixed
Bug fixes:
  • Colors in toolbar: "Spot color" could be activated
  • Nik-Filter as a dynamic filter, Windows: Since the dialogs of the Nik-Filter are not modal under Windows, one could provoke problems
  • Background layer, moveable: Handles are displayed, after special scaling "moveable" status is no longer turned off
  • Layer list, add/remove transparency to mask: Works only with transparent images
  • Crop tool: Changes with keyboard are displayed
  • Vector layers: Curve-line-curve sequences were not deleted correctly
  • Average filter, very large images: Calculation improved
  • Edge antialiasing, sheared images: The left/right edge of sheared images is now antialiased better
  • HTML image overview: Code updated
  • Dynamic Filters: If a placeholder had several Dynamic Filter layers, the intensity and mixing mode of a Dynamic Filter layer had no influence on the following Dynamic Filter layers
  • Dynamic Filters, painting: The following dynamic filters on the same hierarchy are hidden during painting
  • Distort image with image, Twirl, Ripple: The alpha channel has not been edited
  • Circle tool: After a restart, a "circle segment" was always displayed with 360°.
  • Text layers, pixel alignment: For pixel aligned text layers, text layers are now preferably output via the operating system
  • Layer attributes, overprint: For vector layers the outline setting wasn't visible.
  • Layer attributes, reset and size, layers with layer masks: The origin that may has been clipped, was kept at its original position
  • Layer effects, 3D shadows: Position was displayed incorrectly if it was larger than 100 pixels
  • Match colors: Had wrong name
  • Brush editor, non-modal: If the brush size was changed in the document window, it did not show the correct size
  • Vector tool: Deleting a point could also delete the successor
  • Cut vector points: if more than 2 sub-paths were used, the cut-out may not have worked correctly
  • Edit vector pattern: Pattern size is now better maintained
  • Create vector outline: Accuracy depending on the layer size in the PCS
  • Radial blur: Problems with dialog preview and alpha images fixed
  • Radial blur: Support for 32-bit images
  • Pixel alignment, vector: fixed distortion with only one aligned point
  • Mouse focus, Windows: If another application was topped during a modal event loop, PhotoLine may not respond correctly to mouse clicks afterwards.
  • Brush outline, macOS: Since 10.12.6 (?) the brush outline was not deleted correctly when leaving the document window
  • Navigation bar, macOS: Was shifted slightly for duplicated documents
  • Quick selection: With "Delete speckles" turned on speckles with manual marking are no longer deleted
  • Online help, Windows: For menu entries, the superordinate title is now included if necessary
  • Text: various modifications to avoid speed problems with many layers.
  • Create vector outline: Could produce incorrect results with multiple sub-paths
  • Slideshow: the last 4 transition modes are reversed in themselves
  • Color to transparency: For 16-bit and 32-bit images, the mask was not evaluated correctly.
  • Linear ICC profiles, JPEG import, sRGB: JPEGs whose sRGB profiles were set via EXIF data could not be switched to linear sRGB
Tom Fulery
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Re: New in version 20.50

Post by Tom Fulery »

All these improvements are great. Photoline is an amazing graphics app. Only a few more functions will make a true professional program.

But can you tell me when you will add an "Inset path/outset path" vector function to Photoline? This is an industry-standard function in vector apps like Illustrator & Inkscape.

Also, is there a way to display several pages together, like on a pasteboard or layout table? That would be very useful.