New in version 21.00

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New in version 21.00

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  • Scripting
  • Page Spread
  • Digital Camera: Lens Correction, support of Lensfun
  • Lasso tools: now work with every layer type
  • Selection tools: now work with placeholder layers
  • Mask function: now work with every layer type
  • Distort tool: now able to edit the image content of placeholder layers
  • Auto Save
  • Automatic update check
  • PDF Bleed: can now be displayed in the document window
  • Modal filter dialogs: scalable user controls
  • Color Editor, vector patterns: named colors can be modified directly in the Color Editor
  • Layer List, adjustment layers: adjustments can can be copied by using the context menuof the adjustment thumbnail
  • Adjustment layers, modal dialog: if grouping is turned off, the adjustment layer will be created in document size
  • New Histogram adjustment layer via action: now with automatic mode
  • Document colors: Transparent color are now optionally transferred including transparency
  • Plug-in paths: no longer restricted to 4 paths
  • Color Filter: Now with numeric input
  • Color Filter dialog: Shift+click in the document window picks the background color
  • Color Filter dialog: now with "switch value" button
  • Reduce Colors: Number of colors no longer restricted to powers of 2
  • Font substitution (PDF, PSD): now with "OK", "OK&Save" and "Don't ask for this document again"
  • Layer tool: With optional grid for perspective transformations
  • Font control: the mouse wheel can be used to change the active font
  • Antialiasing: There is now a menu entry "Edit >Antialias"
  • Background image, intensity:a background image with transparency can have intensity other than 100%
  • Layer masks, clipping layers, adjustment masks: With antialiasing turned on converting 16 bit gray images to 8 bit will dither the result
  • "Reduce to Background" and "Reduce to One Layer", layer masks, clipping layers: are now applying the mix mode
  • Layout > Vector > Optimize Vector Layer: the dialog offers the option to optimize all or only the selected points
  • Layout > Vector > Optimize Vector Layer: line-curve sequences are optimized more aggressively
  • Layout > Vector > Fit in Vector Layer: without active layer the result will be in document size
  • Edit Vector Points: option for "intelligent" removal
  • Edit Vector Points: option whether a color should be editable in the document window
  • Edit Vector Points, delete a vector point: Deleting a point automatically selects the next one
  • Layer tool, multiple selection, text layers: special scaling is supported
  • Page List and Layer List: Rebuild of Page List and Layer List is faster
  • Action List: In button mode deactivated actions are no longer displayed
  • Layout > Page > New Page: with "After last page"
  • Layout > Vector > Vector Outline: supports multiple selection
  • Document Window: the title bar displays whether the PDF proof mode is activated
  • View > Show Layer Frame: in pixel mode the frame is no longer scaled, and if set the frame will use the label color
  • Options "File > Save Options > Default Save Format: "Actual Format" and a new document will use PLD
  • Layer Attributes, multiple selection: scaling and rotation/skewing works better
  • Layer Attributes, multiple selection: position and size are now supporting multiple selection
  • Layer Attributes, rotation/skewing/distortion: "reset" will keep the position relative to the reference point
  • Curve Editor: if the focus is in the curve editor, "+" and "-" will switch to the next/previous curve point
  • Windows, CPU base load: the base load is reduced especially when used in networks
  • Gaussian Blur and derived filters: faster with large radii
  • Placeholder: Optimized
  • Clipping layers/layer masks, PDF import, SVG import and creating new ones: clipping layers/layer masks are protected against accidental selection by default.
  • Crop document, picture mode: can be used new in combination with documents without transparency
  • Size of size bars: enlarged to 10 pixels
  • Floating palettes, Windows: may be placed at the top by half a title bar off the screen
  • PDF import, DeviceN: DeviceN images are now imported as a sequence of single images with overprinting
  • PDF import: strange PDF files with up to 4096 filler bytes at the end are now imported
  • PSD import: combines placeholder layers with their image substitution
  • SVG import: import of transformed gradients works better
  • Raw import: now optional as placeholder layer
  • Raw import: if imported as placeholder a lens correction is added
  • JPEG and TIFF import: imports guides embedded in the file
  • TIFF import: an undefined extra sample is interpreted as premultiplied alpha
  • Documents with many virtual layers: faster
Error Fixes:
  • Comparison of filenames: "Button2.png" was smaller than "Button.png"
  • macOS 10.13, save panel: log message removed
  • Text, Windows: the state of the "fat" and "italic" buttons is updated better
  • Text: the "fat" button hasn't been disabled properly
  • Page numbers, text layers: scrolling didn't always redraw page numbers correctly
  • Copy Brush: alignment of the source to the pixel grid to avoid interpolations
  • Rotation point: is hidden along with "View > Show Layer Handles"
  • Tool settings, Enhance Edge: Works now with layer masks and is disabled correctly
  • Context Blur: Possible crash fixed
  • Match Colors: Resizing the modal dialog dialog didn't work correctly
  • New Document: The document bounds are shown correctly
  • Application start, Windows: depending on how PhotoLine had been started, more than one instance could be created
  • PDF import: ImageMask without bits per sample crashed
  • PDF import: Adobe JFIFs with unusual color space are imported correctly
  • PDF export, placeholder, path text with shadow: the path text had been converted to an image
  • PSD import: color filter were not imported correctly
  • EPS import, Windows: page size is now correct
  • PSD import: manipulated PSDs could crash
  • Ani import: manipulated PSDs could crash
  • PCX import: manipulated PSDs could crash
  • Converting a 8 bit layer mask to 1 bit: created the wrong result
  • Options, Windows: Switching from one option to another could leave remains
  • Layer effects, Shadow Inside: Using a soft edge could create hard edges
  • Dialogs, Windows: Flickering removed
  • Convert vector points: converting a selected point didn't work
  • Text layers, underline position: changing the position set the underline width to 0
  • Placeholder, create from group: if the group had a layer style, the style was lost by converting the group to a placeholder
  • Isolated group, document with spot colors: scrolling didn't redraw the isolated group sometimes
  • Color Editor, patterns: Changing a value in the "Pattern" subdialog without a pattern color resulted in a crash
  • Distortions, groups: moving a layer into/out of a group with distortions didn't update the distortions of the layer
  • Path text, load: wrong layer bounds
  • Picture Info, color as Lab: the conversion to Lab didn't use the document's ICC profile
  • Text shape flow, text flow: enlarging a shape to the text layer size and shrinking it later on could leave the text layer empty.
  • Convert With Color Profile: now with DeviceLink Profiles
  • Path text, Distort tool: distorting the path didn't change the path text
  • Image layer, paint tools, drawing a line with Shift: With transformed layers, the outline of line had the wrong size while dragging
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Re: New in version 21.00

Post by borgo1971 »

Gerhard Huber wrote: Wed 11 Jul 2018 06:24 [*] Font substitution (PDF, PSD): now with "OK", "OK&Save" and "Don't ask for this document again"
I tried this with a huge PDF file (a crappy presentation with only 28 pages but 228MB) to try if PL32 version 22.5 can handle it better then 19.51, and I selected the option above, but now I wonder how I can reset it to ask newly about font substitution.
P.S. Both PL32 19.51 and 22.5 hangs for more then half hour (after which I forced both to close) while opening the file (on my MacBook pro 8,2 with 16GB ram and SSD in place of original hard drive). I'll try again with PL32 version 22.5, but I liked to review font substitution.