Sand Writing

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Sand Writing

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A common question in many user forums is about creating the look of writing in the sand.

There are some tutorials out on the Web that describe how to do that in Photoshop, so I thought I'd show something done in PhotoLine. This technique is very simple and straight-forward.

Here's the result:
sand writing 01.jpg
So, let's get started!
  1. Open your image of a sandy beach, etc.
  2. Use the Vector Drawing tool to write your message, creating all the characters on the same vector layer. For this example, I did not use a tablet and pen; rather, I drew the characters using my finger on the Trackpad of my computer. This gave a really nice hand-written look. For the colour, choose a dark sand colour from your image. Set this layer's blend mode to "Dissolve".
  3. If necessary, use the Layer tool's extended mode to adjust the perspective of the writing so it fits in with your scene:
    sand writing perspective.jpg
  4. Apply a Sponge adjustment layer to the vector text. In this case, I used a Size of "1" and an Intensity of "30%".
  5. Apply two layer styles to the vector text layer: Outer Emboss and Inner Emboss. (Make sure you use a Light Direction for the Inner Emboss style that's the opposite of the Light Direction used for the Outer Emboss.) Both layer styles use a very small amount of Flattening: 1px and 1.5%. The Inner Emboss uses the "Hard Light" option on its "Special" tab. The Outer Emboss uses a blend mode of "Dissolve" for its Light.
  6. Finally, apply a slight "Soften" adjustment layer to the vector text to make it blend into the image better.
The layers look like this:
sand writing layers.jpg
You'll want to experiment with the colours used by the layer styles for the light and shadow. I used a dark brown for the shadows.

By using layer styles and adjustment layers, you have a lot of control to fine-tune the effect.


(P.S. No, she's not my wife. :cry: )
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