New in Version 12.50

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New in Version 12.50

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New Functions:
- Win NT/2000/XP, Mac OS X: Text layers now are supporting Unicode text

- Saving: Files are written to a temporary file first
- Saving: Saving with backup is now supported
- Browse: on browsing new thumbnails are compressed immediately and the uncompressed data are freed in order to reduce memory consumption
- Text Layers: Pos1 and End should now work as expected
- Drag&Drop: Dragging to the edge of a windows will start scrolling
- Layer Tool: Dragging a layer while holding Shift+Ctrl will create a virtual copy
- Center of Rotation: can now be hidden
- Copy brush: new uses optionally the precise mouse cursor, too
- Image on Image: the shape of the smaller image can be changed
- Double clicking the Text Tool will show the Text Settings
- Merge Marked Text Layer: now with progress bar
- Displaying Images: On scaling down images are optionally antialiased
- Undo: a maximum amount of memory consumption can be defined
- Histogram Correction: the dark und bright limit are now set for each channel independently
- Drag&Drop of files: files dropped on PL32 will be treated depending on the location: dropped on a document new layers will be inserted
- Automatic size adjustment of windows: Can noew be controlled separately for document and picture mode
- Flood Fill: now with "Read Merged" and "Overfill" (for comic painters)
- Rotation dialog: symbols for 90, 180 and 270 degrees
- Star Tool: new allows round corners
- Lasso: is now optionally antialiased
- "Form Lasso" dialog: Even if the dialog is onscreen, the lasso can be modified in the documen. There is a new Proportional switch.
- Insert image in document: image will not be scaled larger than the document, even if the dpi-value would result in a larger size
- Layer Settings of text: symbols
are nicer now
- Mac OS, status bar: document window now have a status bar at the bottom
- Mouse wheel: if the wheel is scrolling the window content, holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) will change the zoom
- "Show Image": now shows picture infos in the window title
- EXIF Data: optionally shows the corresponding focal length of a miniature camera, too
- Color Picker now has a tooltip showing the color
- Raw Image Data: there is now an export, too
- PDF Export: Bitmaps are now compressed with CCITT FAX4
- EXIF Decode now reads the ISO values of Nikon cameras
- Text flow: createing a text flow add the content of the added layer to the original text
- Drag layers: at the window edge, the window will begin to scroll
- Scanning: images scanned by using TWAIN will be marked as "modified"
- Filter: intensity now goes from -500% to 500%
- Paste: new mode: at mouse position
- Layer tool, selecting by rubber box: optionally selected layers must be completely inside rubber box
- Creating new layers: new layer are created optional at the top
- Filter: if the filter supports fractional sizes, those are shown in the filter size field
- Protect: changing the protection of selecting and moving now works with multiple selections, too
- New function: Fit Text Layer Size
- PDF Import: Additional feature are imported which allows transparent vector graphics
- Mac OS: Text field now allow Unicode
- Switch Foreground-/Background Color: now a shortcut can be assigned and it can be recorded as action
- Mac OS: On saving a new document the default file extension of the given file format will be appended
- Layer Intensity: can be recorded as action
- Browse Window: Picture taken with a flash are marked by a yellow star
- Windows, mouse cursors: windows mouse cursor, which are draw in XOR-mode, can now optionally be replaced by PL32-cursors
- PSD Import: now imports layer masks, too

Bug fixes:
- Vector: wrong draw bounds whe
n using prespectively distorted vector layers should be fixed
- Next/Previous picture: the window will not be resized unless the new picture has a different size
- Mac OS, text output: should be a bit faster now
- Text output: many different attributes (mainly reconstructed PDF text) was very slow
- Path text with scaling in the middle: the selection of the text was cut off
- Formatting of tabs: if the tab was first larger character in a line, sometimes the line height hasn't been adjusted
- Connect images: reworked
- Paste as document: the new document didn't have a ruler
- Screen output: documents with alpha will be rendered with alpha->better/more correct display of working layers and display modes
- Text settings: a chnage will be applied to the whole text, if the text tool isn't the activated
- Text ruler: slow drawing with large text layers and a hight zoom
- PDF Import: PDF files will be created - like normal documents - with 300 dpi (and not with 72 dpi)
- PDF Import: images get the dpi-value depending on there size on the page
- Reduce to background: if the source of a virtual layer is delete by applying Reduce To Background, the virtual layers became orphans
- Copying layers: if a layer inherited a ICC profile (of its group/page/document), this ICC profile was lost on copying to a new document
- Copying path text + corresponing path: path text will stay intact
- PNG export: color reduce settings haven't been applied to 16 bit images
- Set foreground/background color: if recorded as action in some cases a lot of action were recorded
- Tools/Lasso/Fill with Foreground: there doesn't have to be a lasso anymore
- Tools/Lasso/Fill with Background: there doesn't have to be a lasso anymore
- Image layers with display mode: often the alpha channel was used, even if there wasn't one
- Set foreground/background color: on editing the action only pattern colors could be entered
- PDF import: crash on loading empty fixed
- PSD import: cra
sh on loading images with additional channels fixed
- Raw import: always tried to load WAV-files
- Gray images, which were used as a mask, couldn't be printed
- Dynamic Animation: Crash on "revert to saved" fixed
- Dynamic Animation, export as GIF: the timing wasn't always correct
- PDF import: special 4-Bit-ZLib compression is now supported
- Finger tool: dragging from the left edge used white
- 3D body: if a group was displayed as 3D body, invisible layers were shown, too
- Text with outline: event if the outline was invisiblem because the outline had a width of -1, text was midified slightly
- Windows: internal drawing error fixed
- Lasso handling: switching groups is now faster
- Vectorizing: is now faster
- Custom filter: with 5x5 and 16-bit the result was incorrect
- Image noise: couldn't be recorded as action
- CLUT: a contrast of 0 could crash
- Histogram correct: rare crashes with incorrect channel settings
- Blend tool didn't work with images of 1 pixel height
- PDF export and import: incorrect fonts(wrong 'cmap' length) could produce a crash
- Windows, File/Open: if the page dialog of the PDF import was cancelled, an error message has been shown
- Preview: problems if "Use Mask" was turned off and "Edit Mask" was turned om, fixed
- Actions don't show theri dialog any longer, if they are turned off
- Select color: change only the tolerance now works correctly
- Working layers: rare crashes fixed
- Undo: complex undo could crash (the only known cases are copy/paste used in actions)
- Text layers: multiple selected text layers and text tool is not active: on changing the font size, the text field could loose the focus
- Color Management/Devices: the profiles of printers and scanners couldn't be set to "none"
- Default save format: if "Last Used Format" was turned on, some file formats (i.e. PDF) didn't work
- Windows, command line, JPEGSave: JPEG-images are no longer
recompressed, if the original file is smaller than the destination size
- Dragging: a modal dialog does no longer allow dragging into a document
- Text oupt: if text with a CMYK color is shown as RGB,, the CMYK-settings were used, even if a CMYK-profile was assigned
- Colored pattern with alpha: if drawn with 16 bit, they were sometimes shown incorrectly
- Help, Mac OS: context sensitive help now works on Mac OS X 10.4
- Dynamic Animation: "Duplicate Document" now works
- Dynamic Animation: replacing a layer now will replace it in the dynaimc animation, too
- Dynamic Animation: scaling a document now scales the dynamic animation, too
- BMP export: sometimes the image size was written correctly in the file header
- Paste selection: didn't work with 16 bit
- Disply mode "Dissolve": didn't work correctly
- Browse window: without a selected file, click+drag didn't work
- Load mask: color images can now be loaded, too
- Channel settings: the filter dialogs displayed incorrect channel settings
- Connect with background: if the background layer was part of a multiple selection, it was deleted
- Working layer on 16 bit images: if zoomed, there ware sometimes redraw errors
- Browse window: on using "Update", sometimes not every new image appeared
- Reduce to background: On reducing a 16 bit image with ICC profile, the result was 8 bit
- Soft edge with clipping layers and layer masks: soft edge didn't work with images
- Scale document: layer mask haven't been scaled
- Layer masks and clipping layers, Fix Layer: now works with image layers, too
- Working layer, Histogram Correction: the histogram in the dialog different compared to Tool/Histogram Correction, because a smaller variant of the image was used
- Layer Mask: vector layers as layer mask became normal clipping layers if used in a document with more than one page
- Shortcuts: if Tab was used as shortcut, tab couldn't be used as key in text layers any longer