Neue Testversion 19.00rc1

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Re: Neue Testversion 19.00rc1

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Thanks jw2004 and Ken. I was already aware of these work-arounds - my contention is that it is odd that we have to use these work-arounds to create the selection in the first place: we ought to be able to ctrl-click on the cloud adjustment layer icon to load it up as a selection.

jw2004's method would result in three times as many layers when working on textures that consist of several cloud adjustment layers. Ken's method involves additional steps that slow down the workflow quite a bit.

Ctrl-clicking ANY icon to load up the lasso would be far easier, quick, and more consistent in behaviour.

Coincidentally, try CTRL-clicking one of the channels to load a selection - it will not work when the clouds adjustment layer is used - not even with jw2004's method. Drag and drop an image into the comp, and ctrl-click on a channel again: only the image data of that image is loaded as a selection - the clouds are ignored.

I think this is a bug.
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Re: Neue Testversion 19.00rc1

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Herbert123 wrote:Ctrl-clicking ANY icon to load up the lasso would be far easier, quick, and more consistent in behaviour.
It already does. When you Ctrl+click on the icon for any adjustment layer, the entire layer is loaded as a selection, which is to be expected since there are no actual pixels in an adjustment layer.

If you create a Clouds effect on its own layer with one of the colours as transparent, Ctrl+clicking on that layer loads the alpha as a selection, as expected.

What exactly are you trying to do? There are many options for using a Clouds effect as a mask, from the methods described, to creating a Clouds effect with one of the colours as transparent, to setting the blend mode of the Clouds layer to Screen (or Multiply)....

When you do get a semi-transparent Clouds adjustment to your satisfaction, you can simply copy it to another layer....
Yes, I think it can be eeeeeasily done....
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Re: Neue Testversion 19.00rc1

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Issue withdrawn. Sorry for the confusion.
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Re: Neue Testversion 19.00rc1

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arnold_s wrote:If you
- copy the filling/gradient of a vector layer by selecting it (click) and using ctrl-C
I don't understand that. IMO you can't copy a fill color with Ctrl-C.

What exactly are you doing and which dialogs are you using?