Neue Testversion 19.40b16

Hier diskutieren die Betatester von PhotoLine untereinander und mit den Entwicklern
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Re: Neue Testversion 19.40b16

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Herbert123 wrote:By re-using Photoline's existing dialogs to control the settings, the Hubers do not need to come up with completely new functionality, only re-purpose them! :D
I guess that even your proposed "Scale" settings are superfluous, one could specify an appropriate action in the Web Export dialogue.
Herbert123 wrote:The one thing missing here is an automatic transparency crop/trim function, which ideally would be added to the Web Export dialog. Most of the times the layer should be trimmed, but there are instances when this is not the preferred behaviour, and the white space surrounding an image should be retained.
Again, that could be done via an action (just do Layout -> Image -> Trim Image).

As far as I can see, you'd want several exports per layer (different resolutions, different file formats, …).

Might be useful to have such export options for pages and the entire document as well. There are cases when you'd like to have a jpeg for every single page of a document or just smaller versions of your picture saved automatically. Ideally, for me, these exports would just be carried out whenever I save the document. I'd make the "Convert to sRGB" step of the Web Export optional for that purpose.
photoken wrote:In particular, I don't like adding those export options to the Layer Properties, which has very many options already. When you consider that the information in the properties panel will already expand for additional vector fill/stroke items, that panel would quickly become too full of stuff.
If there are per-layer export settings, they should be visible in the Layer Attributes panel. But this is probably nothing to worry about. Layer attributes or adjustments, for example, only show up in the Layer Attributes if they are set, so if you don't use layer export, there is no need to expand the panel. Export options could be added, for example, via the (currently empty?) context menu.


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Re: Neue Testversion 19.40b16

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1) Ah, I forgot about the actions in the web export. Yes, that would work too.

2) Trimming in an action: sure, that would work.

3) The multiple exports per layer AND being able to export all layers, which have export settings assigned them, at once is what is missing. Saving pages in multiple formats and sizes would also be very handy at times, indeed.

Important is that the file formats should not be limited to the ones available in the web export dialog. For example, SVG, TIFF, and others may have to be used as well. Actions would allow for this.

The question remains how we attach the action to a layer for export. If we could somehow attach actions to a layer, and then execute all those actions simultaneously... That would be rather useful, even outside the scope of web/mobile/2d games/GUI design. Interesting idea.

Your solution of hiding the export (actions?) options per layer in the layer properties until such time that they are defined is a good idea. This way, it would not bother Ken :wink:
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Re: Neue Testversion 19.40b16

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Herbert123 wrote:This way, it would not bother Ken :wink:
:) Yeah, but there are still many open feature requests that I'd rather see the work devoted to....
Yes, I think it can be eeeeeasily done....
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