OpenColorIO / *.ocio support

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OpenColorIO / *.ocio support

Post by Herbert123 » Mon 25 Nov 2019 20:05

I asked this question way at the beginning of when I first started using PhotoLine back in 2013, but never really got a response.

Is OpenColorIO (ocio) support on the horizon? All 3d render and visual FX software use and support this, and it's become very popular (or pretty much the standard colour workflow). I ask, because I use the Filmic colour workflow while rendering in Blender, and with ocio support it would really simplify getting the identical colours when I open a rendered EXR file in PhotoLine. Krita also supports (actually requires) ocio with HDR imagery.

But PhotoLine still doesn't support an OpenColorIO workflow.

When I open a Blender rendered EXR file in Krita the colours are immediately displayed correct which uses icio.

For testing, You can find Blender's config.ocio file in the Blender installation folder in 2.81/datafiles/colormanagement

More info here:
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Re: OpenColorIO / *.ocio support

Post by Juan » Tue 26 Nov 2019 08:06