PhotoLine 19


PhotoLine is an all-purpose image and graphics editor. You can enhance photos, export pictures for web pages or create PDF files for printing.

And PhotoLine is offering everything, that is required for professional work: CMYK and lab color space, color management with ICC profiles, adjustment layers, and 16/32 bit depth per color channel. Aside from that you can import, edit and export vector graphics and PDF files.

The most important new features of the new version 19 are:

Aside from that there are numerous small enhancements and performance improvements.


Dehaze removes stray light in photos caused by fog, haze or smog. As a result, the colors in the image are stronger, and a slight color cast may be removed.

Dehaze doesn't modify the image, but creates an adjustment layer, so you can post process the result.


Wipe Effects

The Wipe Effect is similar to the motion blur, but it blurs the image only in one direction and the original image data are unmodified.

For the wipe effect, you will need an image with transparency, and only the transparent areas will be changed.

The wipe effect can also be used as an adjustment layer.

Wipe Effects

Color To Transparency

Color To Transparency

Color To Transparency creates transparency based on a predefined color. It also removes this color from semi-transparent areas, so that the result can be better placed on a different background. There are two working modes:

Color To Transparency can be used as an adjustment layer, too.

Color To Transparency Sample

The Rotate View Tool

The Rotate View Tool

The Rotate View tool can rotate the display of the active document. The document itself is not changed.

You can rotate the document in two ways:

The Rotate Tool

The Rotate Tool

The Rotate Tool allows you to rotate the active layer. In contrast to the Layer Tool, you can start the rotation process by clicking & dragging anywhere in the document.

By clicking with the mouse the pivot point is set. If you define no pivot point, the center of the layer will be used.

Vector Lasso

Vector Lasso

Using the Vector Lasso you can create the lasso using curves and lines - similar to a vector layer.

The handling corresponds to the Curve Creation tool. By clicking and dragging new curve points are created, simple clicking creates line points.

Painting, Pencil, ...

The Painting tool, the Pencil, ... are now supporting the blending modes like Darken, Multiply and so on.

Copy Brush

Copy Brush

The Copy Brush can now scale and/or rotate the source data.

Additionally the source can now be the source layer, all layers until the active one and all visible layers.

Document Color List

Document Color List

In Menu:

View > Lists

In the document color list, you can create colors and thus assign the active document. This color list is saved with the document and also reloaded. Each color in the document color list must have a unique name.

If you change an existing color in the document color list, all places where that color is used in the document, will be adjusted accordingly. It does not matter whether the color appears in a text layer, a gradient color or an effect.

Spot Colors

PhotoLine is now supporting spot colors. They are created in the Document Color List.

Spot colors are important in combination with the PDF export.

Tint Colors

Tint Colors

Tint colors are derived from a base color. The base color can be a normal color or a spot color. They are always a mix of the base color and white.

Tint colors are created in the Color Editor.

Color Fields

Color fields are now showing the color model coded using the corners:

A small point in the respective corner signals a spot color.


Gradients now have a control to change the gradient of the brightness.


Enhanced Line Styles

Placeholder Layers

Placeholder layers have no own content, but show the content of an external file.

Placeholder layers can be created using the corresponding tool or by dragging a file to document while holding Alt (Windows) or Command+Alt (OS X).

Vector Outline

In Menu:

Layout > Vector

You can now convert a vector outline to the corresponding filled vector layer. This way you can use the outline for clipping or manually edit it.

Move Layer(s) To Left Border and Move Layer(s) To Top Border

In Menu:

Layout > Alignment

You can now move the marked layers next to each other on the left side and on the upper side of the active layer.

Enhanced Guides



Overprinting is a property for printing documents in print shops.

With overprinting a layer replaces only the color channels of the background, which are used by the layer. Overprinting can be activated in the Layer Attributes.

Overprint is important in combination with the PDF export.

PDF Export: Support Of PDF/X1a And PDF/X3

In the preferences/options under “File > PDF” you can now activate the creation of PDF/X1a and PDF/X3 compatible files. Additionally you can control the bleeding

Assigning Colors To Gray Images

If an image layer has the kind 8 bit gray, you can assign a color to it using the Layer Attributes. The image will be displayed using a gradient from white to that color.

Layer List


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