Request: Fill and stroke behaviour text layers versus vector layers

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Request: Fill and stroke behaviour text layers versus vector layers

Post by Herbert123 »

Text layers behave fundamentally different from vector layers in regards to fills and stroke settings, which is odd, because in essence they are identical: both vector-based.

Unlike vector layers, text layers:
  • lack the fill and stroke options in the Layer panel. This means it is impossible to add multiple strokes and fills to text objects.
  • have no option to control and fine-tune the fill and stroke in the view itself. Conversely, vector layers' fill, stroke, and gradient settings can be easily adjusted with the Edit Vector Points tool and the on-screen widget. But this is not possible with text objects.
It is already possible to use the tools fill and stroke settings to control text objects and selected letters, but editing those is very awkward compared to vector objects and not nearly as powerful (multiple strokes/fills) or controllable.

The problem, I think, is caused by a conceptual division in the GUI between vector and text objects. The available tools change in the tools panel: switching to text removes the edit points tool (which makes sense because text cannot be edited) but it also removes the fill and stroke widget option from becoming available for text objects/selected letters.

And, of course, a list of fills and strokes are available for vector objects in the layer panel, but again are not for text layers.

Request: please consider adding these two options for text layers. Ideally it would be controllable per text layer, but also per selected letters when in text editing mode.
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Re: Request: Fill and stroke behaviour text layers versus vector layers

Post by shijan »

Totally agree. Text is a vector object and it should logically use all the same options as vector object.
Also as it was noticed many times, current "Styles" are very limited in size and in most cases just useless as is.
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