Fasteners - Stamps File

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Fasteners - Stamps File

Post by Koyaanis » Sat 27 Jun 2009 03:30

Here's something I created years ago, as a PaintShopPro "tube" file. I loaded it into Photoline and re-saved it as a .PLD Stamp file.

This consists of 90 different fasteners, almost all as seen from above or head-on. I was originally looking for a small chrome screw-head to create a brushed-aluminum high-tech slide-holder layout for a web-page. Finding none for free online, I thought I'd scan my own. I dug in a junk-drawer and got carried away with a whole scanner-bed full of stuff.

These come in handy for photo-frame projects, scrap-booking, or any other graphics projects where you need various nuts, bolt-heads, nail-heads, washers, screws, etc. I think there's even a thumb-tack or two in the set. From shiny and new, brass, chrome or iron, to rusty and old. All with transparent backgrounds for easy stamping on anything. - Photoline Stamp File - 4.54MB

Extract and place in your Photoline/Defaults/Stamp folder. Or load as a standard PLD document file to select and use any of the 90 image layers.

Feel free to host this on the Photoline server. It would probably be a better place for it. I don't know how long this file will remain available where it is stored now.

It might also withstand a little more compression to the images if anyone wants to re-do it for easier file-size sharing.
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Re: Fasteners - Stamps File

Post by akeller » Thu 06 Aug 2009 22:03

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Re: Fasteners - Stamps File

Post by lutz » Sat 08 Aug 2009 00:35

Neat ! Thanks a lot!