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How to choose the best hard coolers like a Pro

Are you struggling to find a suitable hard cooler for your day out? Tons of questions have popped up in your head, such as whether you should buy the biggest one or the most expensive one. You have started your search for the Best coolers on the market Thekinglive Image Enjoy: and become so overwhelmed by the choices available. And now you find yourself stuck with several options...

If this is your case, we’re here to offer some help!

Understanding customers’ concerns, we have made a list of the most important aspects to be considered when you shop for a hard cooler. To solve your dilemma with purchasing these ice chests, we shall start with ...



The first major factor when choosing a decent hard sided cooler for your trip is the size. If your cooler is too small, there won’t be enough space to keep all your food and drinks cold. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it might take up a lot of space in your vehicle, and you can’t carry it around easily.

You will see that coolers on the market come in all shapes and sizes. The capacity of your cooler can be defined by the number of cans it can carry, or it can be measured in quarts. If you are looking for a personal cooler, 4-10 quart cooler might serve you best. In this size, they’re similar to small lunch boxes, which can keep your lunch and your drinks cold until lunchtime. A small cooler’s size can range between 10-18 quarts. Within this size range, you will find a perfect cooler for a family picnic, a short getaway at the beach or a camping trip over the weekend.

For medium-sized coolers, which range between 20-30 quarts, bigger ice chests are a common choice. This size might be the right choice for you as well, since coolers in or above this size are built with high performance. Plus, their capacities are larger and can be sufficient for a family of 3-4 members during a small trip. Moving on to the 35-55 quart coolers, we can confirm that this size range is the most popular choice on the market. Coolers in this size range are suitable for several outings and purposes. They can serve a family of 5 during camping or fishing trips, or they can provide enough storage for having a barbecue or party.

But coolers that are 55 quarts or above start to fall outside the category of commercial use because of their weight and bulk. That’s why they’re commonly used for fishing or hunting trips, where people use them to store what they catch.


The best hard sided coolers are always the ones with high insulating technology. When it comes to purchasing a hard cooler, ice retention is the top quality that you should take into consideration. Hard coolers are more favorable than their soft counterparts since they offer more space for insulating materials, allowing them to prolong the lifetime of your ice.

The features that you might want to check out for insulation capabilities are the walls and the lid of the ice chests. Denser and thicker walls are a common feature to optimize their ice retention. Some of the most modern technology in retaining ice includes pressure-injected polyurethane in reinforced walls, which can be found in Yeti Tundra or the famous 3-inch thick walls of the Orca coolers. Due to outstanding performance to keep ice frozen, all the hard coolers with decent insulation capabilities are from the high-end brands and normally come with a relatively high price. However, if you are planning a long vacation or a journey into the wilderness, you will realize that these coolers are worth every penny.

The other component which helps maintain the ideal temperature for your icebox is the lid. This part of your cooler will directly suffer from the heat when you carry it on your outing trips. Therefore, beside the hard-shell body, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the cover if you’re going to spend a long time outdoors or in the sun.

In case you’re worried that the water from the melting ice may spoil your trip, we have a tip for you : In order to keep your food cold, you can make use of ice packs or ice substitutes. Just freeze them prior to your trips, and let them take your “cooler game” to another level. Cool hey?

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And the next vital factor on this list is, of course, the materials. Different materials will have a direct impact on the durability, portability and price of your cooler. For that reason, don’t overlook the importance of what your cooler is made of.

If you are an adventure lover and you plan to have several trips into the wilderness, make sure that your ice chest is tough enough to withstand extreme conditions. Moreover, these cooling companions normally serve many other functions on your trip, such as being a seat during your fishing trip or being a stepping stool. Therefore, you should definitely choose the ones that are not easily cracked or broken. Hard coolers’ exteriors are mostly made of plastic or metal to maximize their durability. In case you are looking for a portable cooler, plastic ones might be a better option.

Depending on the purpose of your outing trips, there are coolers with special materials to adapt to your requirements. For example, if you’re a fan of kayaking or fishing, there are hard coolers which are water-resistant, and they can be used as a float in case of unwanted accidents. Or if you’re a frequent camper, the best coolers for camping should be bear proof. Once you’re in the wild, your cooler can possibly be an attractive treat for grizzly bears or other wild animals. Yeti coolers or the new Provera coolers from Pelican Elite are the top candidates for the competition of durability. If you want to make sure your gear survives any attacks from nature, you can check out a list of products that The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBO) certified as bear-resistant via.



One of the major concerns when buying a hard cooler is how comfortable you can transport or carry it around. Don’t worry - there are many different designs and models that offer you more than one way to carry your cooling trunk.

For medium or large-sized coolers, you can usually find rope handles on the sides to enable two people to carry it. To avoid sore hands from lifting heavy loads, you may want to consider those with padded handles. In case you would like to minimize the carrying time, you can also consider getting a wheeled cooler. You may also want to purchase a cooler with telescoping handle to increase your comfort while pulling these containers around. The best coolers with wheels on the market include Yeti Tundra Haul, Coleman Xtreme, Pelican Products Progear Elite or Igloo Icecube product lines.

For smaller coolers, there might be built-in shoulder straps for convenient carrying. Anyways, regardless of the brands that you choose, make sure that the cooler design offers suitable features that make carrying a piece of cake.


Once you have narrowed down your choices, there are additional features that you may be interested in.

Some locking and latching systems can optimize protection for your contents and influence the temperature inside of the ice chest, and you may also want to double check if they are leak-proof. To improve the versatility of your hard coolers, some brands help you turn your lid into a small picnic table with cup holders on its surface. Moreover, you can customize your coolers by adding several different accessories. Accessories for hard coolers can vary according to the brand you choose. For example, if you would like to arrange your cold contents, you can purchase an additional divider when you go for a RTIC cooler. Or if you want to turn your hard cooler into a comfortable stool, some brands are offering separate seat cushion that can be attached to the lid.


So, have you got a better idea of what to expect from your new hard cooler? If yes, we’re glad that we could help. Best coolers for keeping ice Image can offer multi-function when it accompanies you in your outdoor activities. Make sure that it suits your top priorities for a well-functioning cooler before you choose more add-on features.
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Das Erzeugen von Panoramas ist erst in den aktuellen Beta Versionen möglich. Die aktuelle Beta kann im entsprechenden Forum heruntergeladen werden.



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Alternativ bietet sich die Open Source Software (kostenlos) von Hugin an ( Hugin liefert die saubersten Panoramen, kommt mit sehr grossen Dateien klar, bietet Farb- & Lichtausgleich zwischen den Einzelnen Aufnahmen, Masken zum Ausblenden von störenden Elementen, 16/48 bit Farbtiefe, diverse professionelle Projektionsarten, beherrscht LDR und HDR, Single Row, Multi Row, Horizontal und Vertikal, etc.

OK, ist kein Klicki-Bunti, sondern erfordert etwas Einarbeitung. Dafür ist das Resultat absolut professionell und in sehr grossen Formaten druckfähig. Ich habe damit schon Panoramen mit einer Dateigrösse von 2 GB und mehr erstellt.
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