RGB values in PhotoLine version 9

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RGB values in PhotoLine version 9

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I just upgraded from PhotoLine version 7 to version 9. One of the things that changed was the representation of colors. Under version 7, you might represent orange as:

R: 255
G: 63
B: 0

but under version 9 it becomes:

R: 100.0%
G: 25.0%
B: 0.0%

I have two questions:

1) Does version 9 allow more color levels (1000?) than version 7 (256)? Hard to imagine.

2) Is there a way to set version 9 to display colors the old way (0-255 integers)?



By the way, the Help function in version 9 is much better than in version 7!
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Nothing really changed in this matter.
Right click on the text field and change to "Byte". Then you will see the same values as in version 7.