Insert/Add Pages, Delete pages, etc.

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Insert/Add Pages, Delete pages, etc.

Post by greenmorpher » Sun 01 Jul 2007 02:20

Hello Gerhard

There is no mention that I can see of the action "Add Page(s)" or delete them and whatnot, in the Manual. I think it needs to be included.

Further, in searching for information about pages, I was stymied by the fact that the menu bar | Layout | Page item is named "page". Search for "page" in the manual on Acrobat Reader and what do you get -- you get every page because every one is headed up "Page #" and so the search fines every page number.

Perhaps you could change the menu item in PL and the references to it in the manual to "Pages" so that it becomes searchable.

In addition, what about adding the add/delete pages command to the foot of the "View | Pages" palette, in much the same way as such actions are available in the Layers palette?

Cheers, Geoff

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