3D Body and more -- live type -- magic stuff

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3D Body and more -- live type -- magic stuff

Post by greenmorpher » Sun 01 Jul 2007 15:31

Hi people

I have been trying various things with the menu bar | Effects | 3D body. Magic stuff. Producing a scroll out of a really scrawny little line leaves me gobsmacked.

I notice that making type 3D works perfectly with True Type fonts but not with PostScript Type 1. I can live with that, given the number of TT fonts around ... and on my hard disk.

The notion of 3D text that is still editable type, though, just floors me. Great. Then I added an emboss effect, a glow effect, and distortion (roughening).

THEN I attached it all to a line with more distortion added.

And after all that, it is still live, editable type.

Gerhard and Martin, that's amazing.

I just posted a JPEG of the result to the "Wizaerd's Forum" for Canvas users.

Cheers, Geoff

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