Vista and P'shop comptabile plug-ins

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Vista and P'shop comptabile plug-ins

Post by greenmorpher » Thu 20 Sep 2007 23:50

Hello Gerhard

You mentioned Vista-izing PL32 some while back, so I presume you have looked at it.

* Does the current version of PL 32 retain its capability to use some P'shop plug-ins if run under Vista?

* Would a Vista-ised PL 32 still be able to run the P'shop plug-ins that currently work with it?

It would be a pity to lose that plug-in capability, even at the current limited level, because it certainly adds some odd useful actions and there are lots of free plug-ins floating around.

I am asking because of two things:

* I have been told that some P'shop users are complaining about loss of plug-in compatibility when running under Vista.

* ACDSee, the owners of Canvas, have just released a small upgrade (Canvas 11 for Windows only) which is Vista certified ... but which loses P'shop plug-in compatibility (whether this is simply a decision by ACDSee to downgrade Canvas' image capabilities or a consequence of Vista, we Canvas users don't know -- but it reinforces the usefulness of PL 32 for me).

Cheers, Geoff

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