ContrastMask - according to Loadus - action for testing

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ContrastMask - according to Loadus - action for testing

Post by lutz » Tue 20 Nov 2007 01:41

A few days ago Loadus suggested the Contrast Mask technique for image enhancement, producing results a bit similar to tonemapping programs ( I really like the illustrative look this technique can generate and did record the following action for my convenience - assuming I will be using this technique a lot. The outcome should be adjusted by varying the opacity of the ContrastMask layer and by painting with black into the layer mask. The script does work for me with PhotoLine 13 and 14. ( If somebody could figure out how to design the script so that the blur-radius would remain editable? )


As the example might show, extreme effects are possible which would require some additional retouching.
Example (original image thanks to chilombiano via


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