OT: Not a boring error message

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OT: Not a boring error message

Post by greenmorpher »

Totally OT, but it is nice to see someone doing something about boring error messages! I thought people on the forum might enjoy this too.

Cheers, Geoff :mrgreen:

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Re: OT: Not a boring error message

Post by Koyaanis »


Thanks for sharing, loved it.

Reminds me of one I saw back in the early 90's, when I "snuck-in" as beta tester for MSN using the new-fangled Win95 they were writing and wasn't on the shelves yet. We were all testing various builds of Win95 for them. Instead of the usual BSOD, I got something like (vaguely from memory): "Whoa dude! You got an error of maximum proportions! You're F*@&$!!!" (But without the censoring.) LOL Now that's a programmer with a sense of humor! Not seen any fun ones like that since then. Folks need to really lighten up and let stuff like that go into their software. Makes it at least fun when it happens instead of just a major PITA.

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Re: OT: Not a boring error message

Post by Carl »

This one isn't an error message, but more of an Easter Egg. If you use Firefox type
into the address (url) bar and press enter.
You get a quote from the imaginary biblical Book of Mozilla.