Any Tutorials for Removing Background and Clone Tool?

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Re: Any Tutorials for Removing Background and Clone Tool?

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Hello Gene,

could you tell us what exactly do you want to achieve with the photograph of the playing dogs?

You can certainly follow through with the steps of the linked tutorial in photoline (slight modifications needed); however your photo is quite a bit more difficult to treat. Basically he seems to create a selection of the shadow areas with his gradient-layer construction ( in photoline you could use for example the false color tool or curves; this should be simpler) and then use the selection as a cloning target ( in photoline the copy brush works very much the same).
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Re: Any Tutorials for Removing Background and Clone Tool?

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This is how I understand that tutorial:
The author wants to remove the shadows by overpainting it with the clone-brush. To protect the people will make the work much more easier, so he creates a mask that only leaves the shadow and other unwanted parts accessible.

To mask the shadows he tried the magic wand, but unfortunately it seems that this tool offers no tolerance in PSE2.0(?) and it selected too much of the man. Usually decreasing the tolerance of the tool would be the first try to solve that. The next try to make the tool work would be to do duplicate the layer and add contrast with the histogram correction (or by adding a histogram correction working layer). I don't know why he has chosen another way to add that contrast, maybe to concentrate on the pure intensity, but that color-blend he has chosen performed well.
(1) He created a new working-layer with the color-blend-tool, and then he adjusted it until the shadows were clearly distinguishable from the dark parts of the man.
(2) Then he took the magic wand and used it to create the mask from that layer. After that the layer was turned off, it was not needed anymore.

After that he made quite "some" manual improvements to that mask, and after that cloned the backgrund without touching the people.

(1) Menu "Layer > new working layer > false color" would be the exact match. " working layer > histogram correction" would imho be better.
(2) There also is an automask-tool in the tool-palette. But Menu "tool > colors > select colors" should do better. And because that tool has a fine tolerance you can completely drop (1). "tool > colors > select colors" will bring you easier that far.