Clouds Filter

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Clouds Filter

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The clouds filter is one of Photoline's best features, but I have two problems with it.

1) It should be called something like "Fractal Clouds" to indicate its immense versatility. It replaces and surpasses Photoshop's "Add Noise" filter, but this isn't obvious, there's no suitable preset, and no Photoshop user would guess that clouds does this.

2) Photoshop's cloud filter creates repeating patterns for images whose dimensions are powers of 2 (e.g. 512x512). This is amazingly useful. Is there a way to replicate this in Photoline?

Add Noise is something Photoshop power users use constantly, but Photoshop's noise tool is actually amazingly bad. You should make it clearer how useful Clouds is for this, and provide a few presets (e.g. Starfield with the colors reversed is a good start).

As an aside, one of the most common operations in Photoshop (or Photoline) for me is to use the Offset... (or Filter > Layer > Move Layer Content...) tool to wrap around a texture I'm working on to fix visible edges*. How hard would it be to give users an option to have filters wrap around (i.e. when sampling for filters "off the edge") to make creating seamless patterns easier? This would make Photoline far superior (at least in this respect) to Photoshop for a lot of 3D artists.

* Suppose you "blur" a tiling pattern. Afterwards, the pattern no longer tiles. So you have to blur it halfway, wrap it around, and then blur it again... And then usually touch it up manually. Ugh.