1450b17 test version

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1450b17 test version

Post by procyon »

Hi !

I've tried the 1450b17 test version and these are some things I noticed:

1. The blend editing is awesome ! But I think it would be better if changing the blend tool settings (intensity,
mode etc.) would be immediately visible while the blend line is active (at the moment if I change blend tool
settings I have to click on the blend line in the picture or move it to make the changes visible).

2. New dockable dialogs are interesting. I think a menu command to "lock" the dialogs and toolbars would be
useful to avoid accidentally moving them around. Also right clicking on a toolbar doesn't have the "edit
toolbar" command any more.

3. Curves tool is perfect now with Lab and HIS editing ! :D

4. If the "Actions" dialog is not docked and I minimize and then restore it, the buttons on the bottom of it go
over the lower border. Seems that some other dialogs also have this problem.

5. The scale dialog is now even better with the DPI added. :)

Best wishes,
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Re: 1450b17 test version

Post by lutz »

Wow, these are nice improvements!

BTW, the beta version is posted here:
:arrow: http://www.pl32.com/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1541