Bug in keyboard shortcuts

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Bug in keyboard shortcuts

Post by Loadus »

Not sure, if this is user-related problem, but I'll post this anyways. :D

I have keyboard shortcuts assigned to various tasks and now I've noticed that in Vista (x64) the shortcuts are always reset on each PhotoLine start, ie. they're not there anymore. Same happens in Kubuntu. Maybe permission -related issue? Anyways, I always have to reload the keyboard layout on each start. :(

Is there a fix / has anyone else had this before?
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Gerhard Huber
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Re: Bug in keyboard shortcuts

Post by Gerhard Huber »

I tested this right now on Vista 64 and see that there is a problem.
We will fix it.
To avoid the problem you can use PhotoLine in USB mode. To do this create a "UserSettings" folder just beside PhotoLine. In this mode there is no problem here.