Suggestion about this forum

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Suggestion about this forum

Post by wmjordan »

Is it possible to upgrade this forum to a more advanced version which supports file uploading?

Thus, people can upload their screenshots on problems, suggestions, or even share their art works, customized presets. This will make PL32 more vivid and users can communicate with each other better?
Michael Roek-Ramirez
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Post by Michael Roek-Ramirez »

....hello wmj:

That would be fine, but I think we will not get this option: I know a lot of and prticipate in quite a few but most webmasters see more disadvantages than advantages.
Indeed traffic (=cost) increases a lot, sending files and screen shots instead of ACSII characters......
The only workaround right now is that people upload files and/or graphics on their own web site and post just links.