chinese characters overlapped

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chinese characters overlapped

Post by Guest » Tue 14 Dec 2004 13:42

Chinese characters sometimes are overlapped.

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Gerhard Huber
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Re: chinese characters overlapped

Post by Gerhard Huber » Tue 14 Dec 2004 14:38

Anonymous wrote:Chinese characters sometimes are overlapped.
Can you create a sample document for me?


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Post by wmjordan » Tue 14 Dec 2004 17:34

During the use of PL32, I have discovered three scenarios that make Chinese characters display incorrectly.

Scenario 1: The text layer is using a font that does not contain Chinese characters.

Scenario 2: New picture, the text layer is using a font that contains Chinese characters, open the Chinese Input Method, and type Chinese into the layer. The input characters are turned in "?"s. However, after that, if we delete those "?"s and continue typing more characters, or create a new text layer and type text inside, the Chinese characters are displayed normally.

Scenario 3: A text layer contains "ABCD" (here ABCD stands for some Chinese characters), we move the cursor after "A", and press Backspace to delete "A", then "B" and "C" has gotten overlapped.

It is quite difficult for the author to reproduce the result in Scenario 1 and Scenario 2. For Scenario 3, I can provide a bug-reproducable sample file.