Scripting in Linux

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Scripting in Linux

Post by russellcottrell » Sun 16 Dec 2018 22:09

Has anyone gotten scripting to work in Wine? I have tried PL 21.40b6 in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial/Wine 2.0, and Fedora 28/Wine 3.5. In Ubuntu, 32-bit PL only, of all things, the following scripts start to work then quit (with a document open):

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var pl = new ActiveXObject("PhotoLine.Application");
var doc = pl.ActiveDocument; // Attenion Line 1 Position 0

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Dim pl
Dim doc

Set pl = CreateObject("PhotoLine.Application")
Set doc = pl.ActiveDocument ' Attention Line 4 Position 0
Windows script host is present; I can run MsgBox "Hello, world! This is VBScript." and var msgBox = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell"); msgBox.Popup("Hello, world! This is JavaScript."); in standalone .vbs and .js files.

Edited: Just a few other random things work; var docArray = pl.OpenDialog(); in 64-bit, and MsgBox("foo") in 32-bit.

Someone recommended installing .NET to interact with COM objects, so I installed .NET 4.5.1 on both operating systems, to no avail.

This is sort of heartbreaking because everything else works so well in Wine. If anyone comes up with anything, please shout out . . . .

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Re: Scripting in Linux

Post by Martin Huber » Thu 03 Jan 2019 17:06

I just did the following:
- I installed Linux Mint 19.1, 64 bit, in Virtual Box
- I installed Wine following the instructions on this page:
- I installed WineTricks via the Application Manager (don't know the real name because of my German version)
- I used WineTricks to install the Windows DLLs vcrun6sp6 and wsh57
- I used the 64 bit version of PhotoLine.

I didn't do thorough tests, but VBScripts started from the desktop seem to work (for example AdjustmentWithGradient.vbs). If I right-click a VBS file in the desktop, the context menu offers me the command "Open With A Wine application" and this starts the script.

Scripts from PhotoLine's Script menu don't work, though. They don't do anything.