Switching to PhotoLine from Luminar

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Switching to PhotoLine from Luminar

Post by GingerbreadMan » Fri 29 May 2020 13:56


I am coming here as an ex-Luminar user. I have nothing against this app but I heard and read that PhotoLine offers much more freedom regarding editing photos. Also my main focus is the fact that is supposedly runs smoothly on MacOS and that is, as of now, my main platform. I also read that there is an enormous amount of various plugins and just wanted to make clear that everything is also available for Mac user, yes?

Is it possible to start a trial version before I decide to buy?

Thank you
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Re: Switching to PhotoLine from Luminar

Post by der_fotograf » Fri 29 May 2020 14:14

Welcome to PhotoLine!
Is it possible to start a trial version before I decide to buy?
Sure, just download it here: http://www.pl32.com/plbin/plx.zip

The trial is valid for 30 days.

The plug-ins run on macOS, I don't know if there are specific plug-ins for the Windows version.
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Re: Switching to PhotoLine from Luminar

Post by frankenstein » Fri 29 May 2020 17:11

In addition, you can use Luminar as plugin within PhotoLine. All you have to do:

• Right-click Luminar > Show Package (my macOS is German, so I'm not sure this is the correct translation)
• Go to Contents > Recources
• Copy Luminar4plugin.plugin to any folder on your HD
• Set this folder as plugin path in PhotoLine's preferences
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Re: Switching to PhotoLine from Luminar

Post by OldRadioGuy » Thu 17 Dec 2020 18:26

The Luminar AI plugin can also be used in PhotoLine.

On the iMac it is found at:

Library -> Application Support -> Skylum Software -> Luminar AI -> Plug-ins -> LuminarAIPlugin.plugin

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