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One of the things I wanted to try to learn about is how PhotoLine uses scripting and, perhaps, how to create some simple scripts to use. I thought I had found the scripting file location for PhotoLine scripts but it turns out that was just a folder with some sample scripts and not the actual script folder itself. The scripts in the folder are probably perfectly valid PhotoLine scripts but they are not the actual scripts that PL uses. I moved the folder off of the main disk and PL acts just as before, so it is not using these particular files.

I have looked all over my Mac system trying to find the scripting folder, but without success. It does not appear to be in the user Library Application Scripts folder, nor in the Application Support, nor in the Applications folder nor in the PhotoLine bundle contents, at least as far as I have been able to tell. Can anyone point me to the scripting location for PhotoLine?
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Re: Scripting

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On Windows the location is "%appdata%\PhotoLine\Automation", on macOS "~/Library/Preferences/PhotoLine/Automation".

But for testing it is better to execute the scripts directly without copying them to that folder.
On Windows you can use something like Notepad++ and directly execute the scripts from withing the editor.
On macOS you can use Apple's Script Editor.