PS and PL32 and Open Source

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PS and PL32 and Open Source

Post by Mikko Makela » Thu 30 Mar 2006 08:25

Hey all

I am new here so it is about the time!

I found PL32 via Google and immediatelly felt in love with the app. It has so many functions that you can find much more expensive programs like PS...Well if I am not completely wrong PL32 could even beat PS in the future. Why? just because many users are not willing to pay 500 dollars to get state of the art software when there are several inexpensive candidates on the market.
I see only way why Photoshop is still holding the nr. 1 place is because it is so tightly connected with large corporations and enterprises, overall users, even pirated version users in companies. And it is also working together with Microsoft...But now Open source is coming and blasing with fire.
Linux is rapidly changing the market as Mozilla marches on. Scribus is awesome DTP app and hard to be beaten and it is also for Win. and there are growing amount of free softwares even for Win-paltform. So revolution is raging and Billy should take it seriously. The best to became is that Vista is late and Open Source has a major change to bet now.

PhotoLine is very sophisticated add to inexpensive softwares group and it really is worth of every single cents.

I should say this because I run my own business and I am so pissed to the mainstream thinking" Photoshop and Acrobat-no replacement". Those are industry standard and everybody use it, if you don´t -you´re out. And every pressbureau use it as main app and they always require PDF or PS-file. That is so asurd and makes me hate PS more and more, because they know their situation!
How they have react? Well reducing PS cs2 price with 100 bucks, it is not enough nowadays...
Cons of PS: Hell expensive (profit in mind)
Slow in PC, import of large Tiff-files; takes decades to be opened, not to mention conversion from PS to TIFF, heavy and HD hungry, eve
ryone use it.
I do a lot prepress and I was about to buy Photoshop with tears in my eyes when I accidentaly ran into PhotoLine32. The firs impression that arised my interest was ofcourse CMYK and ICC. PDF-export is nice, not so fullblown but will do for the print. CMYK separations via console! Even Pros will love this app, they just need to know that there is PL32.

I also do lot of 3D as a hobby but that is the another chapter. Never the less I love modeling.

On the side with Scribus, Blender, PDFTK, KRITA, GIMP... Possibilities are endless and very cost saving, if cost at all...

Let´s shuot this app that all the world will hear, I personally will do the best I can, cause finally I have found what I´ve been looking for.
How could I adverise this app? I do a lot of visiting inside main printbureaus here in Finland so I can tell AD´s and Graphic designers, who are working there, about this app. The price is what should raise their interest to if not immediatelly buy atleast try and the process goes on:"You can hear it from the grape wine"
I have done this already with Pixel32, but it is not processing quick enough. No hard fealings it is also great app but buggy and not at all ready for long time. But it is also for Linux, OSX, BEOS and every minor OS around there.
PhotoLine32 is very very close to earn place 1, it is almost ready to to take that giant leap among the mainstream apps. Marketing I see is only big issue.

One last question remains: When PL32 for Linux?

PhotoLine people: Thanks so much for your excelent work and keep up till reaching the top!

I will be back!

Best regards:
Mikko Mäkelä
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