Digital Camera - Image Noise Filter - Help?

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Digital Camera - Image Noise Filter - Help?

Post by DJJohnson » Tue 10 Oct 2006 04:55

I've read the sparse help available in the help file. But I'm still having trouble understanding exactly what the different adjustments do on this filter.

I've used other noise-filters in the past, where the usual method is to draw a selection around a sample area of just image noise. The filter then goes through the image to seek-out and destroy (negate) that noise pattern and its visibility/intensity from the rest of the image.

In PL32's Noise Filter, I don't understand what some of the adjustments are trying to do. (No doubt this is another German/English translation problem.)

Is the section labeled "Intensity Noise" the same as "Luminance Noise" in other filter's I've used? I presume it might be, because the first section is for Color Noise.

What does the "Limit" adjuster set?

There's mention in the help file of a "Threshold" setting, but I don't see that in the filter's options.

And then again the 3rd adjustment is labeled for "Intensity". I thought I was already in the "Intensity" (luminance) section. Is this how much the filter's effect is being applied to the image? Meaning how much the filter is being blended with, or applied to, the original image?

The "Sharpen" section is self-explanatory.

If you were to use PL32's noise filter, what would be the best way to find the best settings for each photo?

Thanks, if you can help clarify some of my misunderstandings. I normally just use my NoiseNinja Plugin, but I'd like to understand how this filter in PL32 works. It might work even better in some circumstances for all I know. But since I don't know how to use it properly, I can't tell! :-)